Saturday, January 31, 2009



yeah, we won.
India defeated Sri Lanka in the2nd ODI in the 5 match series.

It was a thrilling match and went tothe wire.
Ishant Sharma was rightly judged the MOM.

In the end, India won because of the team effort.
Everyone contributed to bring success to India's feet.

Now we had won last 7 matches.
And hope to make it 8 on 3rd.



The BVP, Delhi held its fest on 30-31st Feb. 2009.
It had really good events such as Robotexotica, Trace d maze, Brainstorming- the recall game, circuit making, Bulls and Bears, Cricket of Business, Speak your mind, debate, quiz etc. etc.

Their attraction was

Plan De Negocios

It was a Business plan contest with a belief that there are many deserving ideas which need to be nurtured into successful ventures. The contest was a platform for such ideas to be heard and for start up ventures to be felicitated for their efforts. 


Following were be the broad themes for this event: 





5)Rural & Agri-business 

6)Social Entrepreneurship 

7)Knowledge Solutions 

There were many teams celebrating in it from many reputed colleges.
I was there today and frankly talking didn't enjoy at a lot.
It was poorly organized, with no one knowing what actually is happening??
I participated in the Trace d Maze, where we have to move our 'robots' through a specified path.
Well, me and my friend 'pulkit' registered our team 'NEO LIMIT' for it.
Though, we didn't win anything but we had a great first performance. It was our Debut for any robotic's event.
But yes we learned a lot from our stint and are optimistic about our chances for the next year.
I met my school friends after a long time there and it was a good time out.
But yes the fest could have been a lot better.

Friday, January 30, 2009

LVBots Challenge 3.5 Line Maze CD Bot

I want to make one of these...

Google Chrome...

It has been time since Chrome was launched by Google as a competitor to IE, Firefox, Opera and many more..

Upon using many of them, i found the chrome really refreshing to use.
Also I found it to be fast comparing to others.

Though, the critics have slammed it, I personally found it a great Browser and am using it. And intend to use it in future too.

A great video by Google..
If till now, you have not tried Chrome, I really insist you to try it.
And i really think that you are going to love it.


Oh GOD!!!
I am fed up of my sleeping habits.
If i don't sleep, then it is OK.

But once i doze off, it's kinda impossible to wake me up.
Any kind of alarm clock don't work.
Nor the cries of my family...
Nor the milk/apple/coffee/water or anything else.

So, I saw recently this alarm clock.
And what an alarm clock it is..??


The Flying Alarm Clock wakes you up with a loud shrieking alarm coupled with a little propeller-driven key that leaps off your nightstand. To turn off the horrible racket, I have to get out of bed and retrieve the key. The propeller flies the key high into the air and off into some dusty corner so I have to force my sleep addled brain into wakefulness, move and retrieve the key before the alarm goes off.

check the video..

I think it would help me to wake up.
Waiting to have my hands over it..

Paranthewali Gali...

my friend Ashish celebrated his 18th B'day...

And for that we went to Paranthewali Gali to celebrate.
A lot was heard about it so we were expecting a lot.
And our expectations were not shattered.

It was more than our expectations.

After the experience at the paranthewali gali..
we went to nearby McDonald to cut the cake and have an ice-cream.

Hey guys, don't worry..
He is not turning 81 !!!
It's just the pic is from an opposite angle.

It was a fun-filled outing and we enjoyed it to the extreme.
Where is the next one..???

I felt like crying...

Hi guys..
Remember i told you about the 'One Act Play', i was preparing for our fest 'Anugoonj 2009'.

I had the prelims today.
The act was perfect with everything happening as it should be done.
And i had my fingers crossed and was almost sure that we would be selected for the Finals.

Having such thought in my mind, I returned to the college.


kya karen.. What to do, when there is no luck beside you.
As Farhan Akhtar says in his new movie "Besides talent, To succeed you need Luck too",
we did not have that luck.

So, in the college i got the news that IT'S OVER.

YES, I was like that.
Though, i didn't cry..
But, i felt like that.
It was too bad. But what to do, now..?? It's over.

May be, it was meant to end like this. But don't worry, next year we would be going again And hopefully winning too.

Want to thanks and congratulate everyone in the team. :-

  • Snigdha
  • Sushant Bhaiya
  • Mayank
  • Shruti
  • Heena
  • Babban (Yitesh Bhaiya)
  • Tanushree 
  • Shikhar
  • Narrator 
  • Lakshya Bhaiya (choreographer)
  • And everyone else, who were their supporting us and helping us with their valuable inputs.

The Mystery Site...

I happen to see a mystery site recently.
Have a look at it.

Solve The mystery...

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Songs or music, whatever you refer to them makes one feel relaxed and even motivated at times.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bharat Meri Pehchaan

A new campaign is on the air "Bharat Meri Pehachaan".
Launched by the Ministry Of information and Broadcasting where the icons of the 21st century will celebrate their Indian identity.

I first saw Sachin Tendulkar associated with it.
Then there was Abhinav Bindra.

Other eminent personalities associated with the campaign are:-

  1. Aamir Khan
  2. Saina Nehwal
  3. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
  4. N.R. Narayan Murthy
  5. Javed Akhtar
  6. Priyanka Chopra
The campaign is a really good initiative to showcase the talent being produced by India and the Pride an Indian feels about his country.

I am an Indian, and proud of being an Indian.

Live Today..

There are two things in life that can destroy you,

  1. Yesterday,  and 
  2. Tommorow

One is over and we don't know about the other, so live today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

IIT 2009

What's IIT ??

The Indian Institutes of Technology are institutions of national importance established through an Act of Parliament.  These institutes play a leading role in technological manpower development and have research programmes comparable to the best in the world.  The admissions to the Undergraduate Programmes at these institutions for all Indian and Foreign nationals are made through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

The date and the schedule of JEE-2009:
April 12, 2009 (Sunday)
Paper- 1:    09.00 AM – 12.00 NOON (IST)
Paper- 2 :   02.00 PM – 05.00 PM (IST)
The schedule will remain unaltered even if the above date is declared a public holiday.
Question Papers
There will be two question papers, each of three hours duration. Both the question papers would consist of three separate sections on Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Questions in these papers will be of objective type, which are to be answered on a specially designed machine-gradable sheet (ORS – Optical Response Sheet) using HB pencils onlyIncorrect answers will be awarded negative marks.

Last year Cut-off was around 185 for general and 140 for SC/ST students.
But the cut-off is subjected to the difficulty of the question paper.

All you guys preparing for it, Go for it.
You still have more than 2 months left and wonders could be done in this time span.


Monday, January 26, 2009



Hope India continues to shine and prosper and see a year ahead in which we are again able to say..

India Shining.

Destiny's games...

I told you about the Tek-O-Gression..
But missed upon this..

In the Group Discussion round,
there were about 200 student, and were divided into group of ten.
Every group was to had a G.D. and then a student from it was to be selected for the finals.

I too participated in it.
Our group got the topic "Why Indians are unable to win at the Academy Awards ??"

It was a really good discussion, with every one participating in it actively.
After the discussion was over, i moved to attend the class as there were about 15 groups left thinking that finals would be held next day (only if i was chosen for the finals).

after the class was finished, and i was roaming with my friends, somebody told me results are already out and i was selected.
I ran for the venue, hoping against the hope that finals have not been started as yet..

But who can fight Destiny??
When i reached there, finals have been just started and i was disqualified.

When the finals were finished,
judges called me and asked "Where were you..??".
When i told them my story, they just said...


Saturday, January 24, 2009


SAE-NIEC society organized the two day event 'TEK-O-GRESSION".
It was a great success with more than 1500 entries for the eight events.
The five events were-

  1. Lecture on 'Microprocessor and Microcontroller'
  2. Technical Quiz
  3. Lecture by FMS alumni on "What companies to target for the placement in the time of recession"
  4. Group Discussion
  5. Mock test paper for placements
  6. Lecture on Automobile Technology
  7. Lecture by IIM (C) faculty on cracking the IIM
  8. Career counseling by Career Launcher
The events were an eye-opener for many.
Especially the lectures on cracking the IIM and Career counseling. 
Also the lectures on 'automobiles' and 'microprocessor ..' were really interesting.
The lecture on microprocessor and microcontroller was conducted by D.R.D.O (Defense Research Development Organization).

The organizers were really co-operative and worked all day without food or water to provide us with the best facilities. ALL of them deserve a special thanks.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


In many a films, we see any romance which blossoms up finishes with...
But in real life, do this happens???
Do we really see the love having a perfect ending ?

I though myself have not experienced such things till now,
but yes, few of my friends have..

And their love have resulted in nothing but pain, sorrow and sleepless nights..

Their have been exceptions with some  people meeting with the love of their life..
In my little time on this planet, i am yet to see something like this.

I don't know about the happiness in finding your true love but yes if you are mistaken the pain could be more than you imagine.

This situation defines the difference between two words almost perfectly...
Complete - when you found your true love
Finished - when you were mistaken

So Love still remains a mystery...

One of my friend tends to propose his love very soon..

So the answer would be coming here very soon...

Be ready for Love-part 2...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Also they have got a great service, with they contacting you very soon.
A thumbs Up for them for such a fast service.

Anugoonj 2009

Anugoonj, the annual fest of 'Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University' (GGSIPU), is here again.
And it aims to be bigger and more fun than last time.

And our college 'NIEC' is all ready to participate in it.
And i am lucky enough to be selected for the team which is going to represent our college in one-act play.

I am missing every single class of mine right now to practice for it.
We have got prelims on 30th of Jan. And have set the top gear for it.
Hope all these bunking of classes and these hardships count in the end and we had a good final product in the end.

Signing off with my fingers crossed...!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a great blog..

its a great blog,
and its being managed really well.

The look is really good and very simple to search for anything on the blog.
A must see for aspirant bloggers..

Monday, January 19, 2009

30th JAN 2009....

what a day..?????

i had gone to college thinking to study seriously frm today..
And it started on the right note, when i reached my class..
marked the attendance and then moved away..

as sm1 grt said...
"whatever happens, happens for good.."

Just sitting at the amphitheater with my friend 'R.J' we planned about opening a society...

And we guys got so involved in it,
that we did.nt attend even a single class that day...

AT the end of the day,
it ws a futile day and we ended up with a legal permission to start up our own society "REVOLUTIONIX".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Indian about India

i recently came across this blog in German ' '.
it is a really fine blog and tells everything about India.

India itself being a such a large country with such a biodiversity.
This blog' India Through The Eyes Of An India' does a fabulous job of describing about it.

It also tells about some other things like music, lyrics etc..

a must check out..



Wel hope to blog seriously this year...!!