Monday, January 26, 2009

Destiny's games...

I told you about the Tek-O-Gression..
But missed upon this..

In the Group Discussion round,
there were about 200 student, and were divided into group of ten.
Every group was to had a G.D. and then a student from it was to be selected for the finals.

I too participated in it.
Our group got the topic "Why Indians are unable to win at the Academy Awards ??"

It was a really good discussion, with every one participating in it actively.
After the discussion was over, i moved to attend the class as there were about 15 groups left thinking that finals would be held next day (only if i was chosen for the finals).

after the class was finished, and i was roaming with my friends, somebody told me results are already out and i was selected.
I ran for the venue, hoping against the hope that finals have not been started as yet..

But who can fight Destiny??
When i reached there, finals have been just started and i was disqualified.

When the finals were finished,
judges called me and asked "Where were you..??".
When i told them my story, they just said...



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