Friday, January 30, 2009

I felt like crying...

Hi guys..
Remember i told you about the 'One Act Play', i was preparing for our fest 'Anugoonj 2009'.

I had the prelims today.
The act was perfect with everything happening as it should be done.
And i had my fingers crossed and was almost sure that we would be selected for the Finals.

Having such thought in my mind, I returned to the college.


kya karen.. What to do, when there is no luck beside you.
As Farhan Akhtar says in his new movie "Besides talent, To succeed you need Luck too",
we did not have that luck.

So, in the college i got the news that IT'S OVER.

YES, I was like that.
Though, i didn't cry..
But, i felt like that.
It was too bad. But what to do, now..?? It's over.

May be, it was meant to end like this. But don't worry, next year we would be going again And hopefully winning too.

Want to thanks and congratulate everyone in the team. :-

  • Snigdha
  • Sushant Bhaiya
  • Mayank
  • Shruti
  • Heena
  • Babban (Yitesh Bhaiya)
  • Tanushree 
  • Shikhar
  • Narrator 
  • Lakshya Bhaiya (choreographer)
  • And everyone else, who were their supporting us and helping us with their valuable inputs.

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