Thursday, January 22, 2009


In many a films, we see any romance which blossoms up finishes with...
But in real life, do this happens???
Do we really see the love having a perfect ending ?

I though myself have not experienced such things till now,
but yes, few of my friends have..

And their love have resulted in nothing but pain, sorrow and sleepless nights..

Their have been exceptions with some  people meeting with the love of their life..
In my little time on this planet, i am yet to see something like this.

I don't know about the happiness in finding your true love but yes if you are mistaken the pain could be more than you imagine.

This situation defines the difference between two words almost perfectly...
Complete - when you found your true love
Finished - when you were mistaken

So Love still remains a mystery...

One of my friend tends to propose his love very soon..

So the answer would be coming here very soon...

Be ready for Love-part 2...


  1. brilliant xprsn of true feelings thru simple words. spcly d 2 cases -finished n cumplete. well done buddy...

  2. yes...
    Indeed, really well said.

    Where's the second part.

    What happened to your friend..??

  3. thank you guys...

    hey anonymous,
    could you please mention your name or some email-id??


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