Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dream High...??

Is it wrong to dream high..??
Is it wrong to have huge expectations of you...??

I don't know.

As per me,
I dream really big, and have huge expectations from me.
But my friends says not to dream, not to have expectations.

As when dream shatters, or expectations fail, it hurts a lot.
To them, I just want to ask one thing 'Agreed, Boats are safer in docks, But is this the purpose for which boats are made?'


If you dream big, many of your dreams are bound to shatter and that does not mean that you too are shttered with them.
This does not mean at all that you have to be sad, depressed, or anything else..

Dream, as you have it in you to dream...
Work towards it, may you succeed, may you not..
If succeeded, then be happy!!
If not, forget it, leave it..

Life is the name of moving ahead..

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