Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho !!

"Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho" (You are impure, you have rotten.)

You must be wondering that i recently saw RAAZ - The mystery continues...

No, it's not like that.
So, what is it??

I was just wondering about what people thinks??
So, i did a random experiment on some people, and came to the conclusion that thoughts of many people today are awkward. For them i would say
Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho !!
I would not say, what they think is wrong or bad or something, but they are different from mine.
May be they are right and i am wrong..

And, my thinking have rotten..

I don't know all these stuff, but what i know is thinking of many people around is too spooky for me..

Think i am awkward ??
I too think so..!!!

By the way,
Raaz - 2 was a really good movie..

Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho



  2. Hey anonymous..!!
    What happened..??

    You seem to be quite agitated..

  3. Hey jammy are you girl or boy but
    I just wanted to know that....
    Do you really feel what you have written above

  4. Boy..!!
    Do you wanted it to be other way round..??!!
    Then, am extremely sorry about that..!!

    having some after thoughts,
    I would say yes, but may be spooky is not the right word.

    But still,
    their thoughts were out of my understanding.
    And by that I mean,
    they believe that they have lost in life..
    There's nothing they can do to improve or enjoy, that's a problem for me.

    As per spooky, you will find those people too..
    But for them, we would be spooky, and not them.

  5. i did not see part 8 damm

  6. L ka T
    Aaj main Raaz part dekhing and wondering usne internet par ye search kiya "Tum Ashudh Ho sadh Chuke ho " and got lot of results... where from he got those results as there were only few results and that were after the release of the film then how cud be possible they saw these words on internet

    1. tum chutiya ho tum chud chuki ho :P

  7. even bible says we are impure quran says we are impure only allah is pak that y he is known as allah pak and quran as qurane pak

  8. The meaning of the whole thing is evil within

    im an atheist i dont know about that

  9. tum ashudh ho sad chuke ho
    this line from comparing very nice girl
    that is world give up settelment perform
    the condition is very creative from girls
    girls is most important from beauty raj.
    ye line suchit karati hai ki , keval sundar ladkiyahi zyada smart nahi hoti

  10. Tum ashudh ho under se sadh chuke ho tht sntnc exprs tht whole wrld is rotten


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