Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho !!

"Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho" (You are impure, you have rotten.)

You must be wondering that i recently saw RAAZ - The mystery continues...

No, it's not like that.
So, what is it??

I was just wondering about what people thinks??
So, i did a random experiment on some people, and came to the conclusion that thoughts of many people today are awkward. For them i would say
Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho !!
I would not say, what they think is wrong or bad or something, but they are different from mine.
May be they are right and i am wrong..

And, my thinking have rotten..

I don't know all these stuff, but what i know is thinking of many people around is too spooky for me..

Think i am awkward ??
I too think so..!!!

By the way,
Raaz - 2 was a really good movie..

Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho