Thursday, April 30, 2009

Win 2 iPod Touch with TechBoing

So, this could really be one of the first online contest am participating in..
I found it really cool, and hope I win too.

SO, here is my entry for the contest.

What I wanna read at the Tech Boing..??

  1. Something about the freakiest gadgets..
  2. Something about protecting the PC from phising etc..
  3. And continue with the reviews about the cell phones..

These are the details about the contest...
Do participate...

Boy! Have Tech Boing got a contest for you! The contest has 2 prizes, one for a blogger and one for a guy that doesn’t have a blog.

Prizes : iPod Touch (16 GB) for bloggers and an iPod Touch (8 GB) for those without a blog.
The rules are simple :

Step 1. Spread the word on Twitter : Tech Boing is giving away 2 ipod touch!
Step 2. Make a post on your blog where you talk about this contest and tell us what would you like to read on a tech blog. Don’t forget to link us on homepage and to send a trackback to this article.
Step 3 (only for those without a blog) : Make as many comments as you can (spammers will be disqualified)!

The contest starts now, on 11 April 2009, and ends on 11 May 2009.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey guys...
The blog you are reading right now has now got a PR2 Google rank.

Check PageRank

And, this is all because of you,
who has come everyday and checked out the blog.

And sticked to it despite the laziness of author to post frequently.


Some answers are the questions..!!!

What answers are the questions..
I don't know.
May be there are some...

But I don't know...

Then Why I chose that as the title of the post..
Because right now,
I want really bad to make a blog entry..

But really can't focus my mind on something..

So, it's a post describing my current mental status...
And that is..

Too confused..

What else to say..??
nothing much..

Would just tell you about some of today's happenings..

  1. Like always.. I have not studied anything...
  2. Joined facebook finally...
  3. And, Delhi Daredevils lost...

But yes...
My exams are nearer than I can think..
And I just don't feel like to study..

What to do..??
I don't know...

I think the best option is I should go and listen to some good music..
May br that would help me not to flunk in the upcoming examinations...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pay It Forward


I’m sure you have heard about the blog Pay It Forward movement by now.  I have seen it on several blogs I frequent, but I have always been a day late and a dollar short (story of my life).  Kimberly from THE MAD WHITE WOMAN reminded me about it with her Pay It Forward post. 
In case you do not know what the whole Pay It Forward movement is, a little background information for you.  Quite a few people believe that it started with the movie, Pay It Forward.  However, this concept dates back to 1784 when Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to Benjamin Webb and instructed him to repay him by giving the same amount to another individual he met who was in distress as well to help that person out.
The blogosphere Pay It Forward has a slightly different spin to it.  The first three people who leave a comment on this post will receive a gift from me some time during this year.  When and what will be a surprise to the winners!  How cool is that?
There’s always a catch though, right? Trust me, this one is painless. To enter to win here is what you need to do:
  1. Post a Pay It Forward entry on your blog
  2. Come back here and tell me you did so and leave the link to your post
    That’s it! Told you it was painless! You can either make something or buy something for your contest entrants and send it to them anytime before December 31, 2009.

    So what are you waiting for?  Go already!

    IPL 2009, ERUPTS...

    Finally IPL 2009 erupts..
    The first few matches of the IPL II were not so competitive and were one-sided.
    But now the level of game has reached to its due heights and the games are going on to wire.

    For instance,
    take yesterday's match Chennai Super Kings Vs Delhi Daredevils..

    It was one of the closest match yet, with anyone's game until last over..
    It was by far the best match of this season, but not for long...

    Enters Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Rajasthan Royals..
    And you can imagine how close the match was by this that,
    It was decided by a super over.

    IPL is finally here..
    IPL II is finally matching standards set by IPL I.


    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    My 1st AWARD...

    I Am so Happy right now...
    My blog got its first award.
    It's a feeling beyond words.

    I could still remember the first time I won an award in my school.
    That lovely winter morning, with a little chill in the air..
    Our cultural head was announcing the names of the winners, and I had my fingers crossed.
    And was praying to GOD...

    Me... Me... PLZ ME...

    And then she announced Saurabh Jain...
    What a feeling that was..

    Feeling same right now..

    SO, I received this award for my blog...

    Blog Awards Winner

    Wish, I make another blog entry very soon....
    MY 2ND AWARD...

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009


    Can't get a word to describe this post.
    So, that's the reason for the Post Title.

    Right Now, am feeling quite confused, complexed, and what not..?

    Exams are going on, not studying, not even BLogging,
    Doing nothiing infact, not even talking to friends..

    I am passing through one of those periods where your mood is OFF, but you don't kknow WHY..??

    It seems I need a Time off.
    And it seems, On the weekend, I am going to have a 24 hour sleep.

    But for now..
    I am feeling horrible.


    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    VOTE FOR ME...


                 Hey guys..
                 This blog has been nominated for

    The "Blogitzer"

    This award will be presented to the blogger who demonstrates the best writing ability on his or her blog.

    So guys,

    what are you waiting for...




    Saturday, April 18, 2009


    first of all,
    I would like to wish you luck for the IPL - II.

    May KNIGHT RIDERS blast away all the teams in your way to the top.

    Why I am writing this letter to you.

    Sir, Recently you or I should saay your team changed the skipper.
    I am not complaining, Why Ganguly was replaced.
    I know he is your 'MAIN MAN'.
    And their must be some strategy behind it.

    What i wanna say is Why Macullum was decided to be the man after the 'MAIN MAN'??

    MR. VIJAY MALLYA, do changed the skipper but there was something behind it.
    Jaque Kallis has been declared as the person to handle the affairs once MR. Peiterson goes..
    Now, is it because he was the costliest person in the last season, (in terms of Rs per run scored) or he is a SOUTH AFRICAN..??

    SRK sir, What I can't understand is Why India's best captain ever was replaced..??
    Why the best performer for KKR, last season replaced..??
    Why the person who made the most memorable comeback in that very Rainbow nation was replaced..??

    And replaced by a person who is not even a south african..??
    Who don't have a bigger fan base than Sourav Ganguly..??
    Who aparrt from scoring a blazing 100 last season did not account to too much..??

    Please let me know..
    I am eagerly awaiting for it..
    Forgive me if I said something wrong.
    I am just a true fan of your team, and just want it to see win the IPL II.
    I know, there are many expert sitting over there..
    And they must have thought something..
    It's just what i felt..
    And being among 100 crores other Indian,
    We have a right to say..!!!

    But, Please let me along with every other KKR fan know about it..

    - A KKR FAN

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    God said "I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN"...

    Today was one of those days...
    when I had logged heads with GOD..!!!

    I once told you about the society that I along with my bunch of friends wants to create in the college.

    And we tried very hard...
    But till now it has not come into existence..
    Firstly there were some time related problems, then some other or other...
    But finally everything was sorted out..
    And we were ready to give the presentation about the 
    society to our Director as to get her approval.
    And then started the game against the DESTINY...
    We again and again took her time for the presentation,
    and sometimes she is busy.
    Sometimes she gives the time but not be able to turn up or something or something.
    So it was happening for some time now.
    And today I was like" I had to give it today...".
    And when I approached for her time, 
    She gave it.
    And I was like..
    Today GOD is with me and we would give it today.
    God started implementing his plans...
    1. firstly, our teacher coordinator was absent.
    2. then, we were not able to get a projector
    3. After that, when we some how arranged the projector, the wireless keyboard refused to work.
    4. Okey, we arranged another keyboard.
    5. But.. how could it end like this, then Mr. Projector comes and asks for a Password, which was never present till date. And refuses to bow down...
    And thus ruining our whole plans.

    God, you won again today..
    But one day..
    One day, I would make the presentation and you would not be able to do anything...
    (No, do 1 thing...  BLESS ME)

    Till today I was like...

    If somehow I am able to give the presentation and make the society, its GOOD...
    But, now I would make it at any cost...

    So, am coming GOD..
    Call anyone you can...

    God, forgive me..
    I never want to disrespect you, and if by chance had done this then am extremely SORRY..
    But yes, 
    i would make the society...!!!

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Blog to look forward to..

    In my daily routine of surfing blogs..
    I came across this gem of a blog.

    It looks Dena from Florida,
    has created a virtual life on her blog.

    I read it for the first time, and fell in love with her writing style.
    It feels so honest and true.

    Also, Here you can find how to earn money through your blog..
    I am surely going to take some tips from it.
    (I do not mind some extra Pocket Money!!)

    And don't forget her contests..
    They are so interesting and have great prizes!!

    Last time I missed the chance, But not the next time..

    DO CHECK IT...
    It's a great blog..

    Forgot to give you a link..

    PhotobucketHere it is..

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    What Happened Today..??

    I don't know what happened today??
    Was it something in college..??
    Or something said by someone..??
    Or something else..??
    when I reach home today..
    I was like feeling lost.

    My positiveness has gone for a trip..!! (though my blood group is B+)

    So, the first thing I did was to message my friends about it..And asked for their HELP..

    It was horrible for me..
    I had lost my HOPE & CONFIDENCE...
    which are like the most important things for me.

    But here came my friends at my rescue..
    Some by telling me what god says...
    GOD : You do, what you want...
               But what happens is, what I want..
               So, you do what I want..
               And what will happen is what you want...
    Quite complicated..
    I know!!
    It took me some time understanding it, but it was really helpful.

    Some told me about How life works..??
    Its all about facing ups and downs in life. Its part of life.
    Don't be scared and don't lose hope.
    Be determined, and have patience.
    Remember facing difficulties results in success.

    Or some by saying, 
    (WHAT A LIE..!!!)

    Or some by suggesting to hear a song, and everything would be alright..
    Or some by telling me, 
    Don't worry THEY ARE THEIR FOR ME...

    So, all this was really overwhelming and refilled me with Hope..
    And I was again all ready to face the WORLD & ITS CHALLENGES...
    Whatever happened with me..??
    Whatever it was??
    A monster sucking happiness or some weird person taking over me..??
    Its over, me along with my friends have taken over it.
    Thank You friends..
    I would be nothing without you...

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Financing Strategies..

    I recently came across a wonderful blog on economic strategies.
    The content is original and valuable.

    And yes, looks really wonderful.

    here's the link.

    Check it out..

    Where is KKR??

    So, Its here again..
    The biggest cricketing carnival is here..

    The DLF IPL is here..
    And it is believed to be better, bigger and more rocking than last year..
    And why not..??

    IPL goes international..
    Hey wait..
    But where is KKR..

    Where are the king's men..??
    Where is the KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS..??

    They just seem to be missing of it.
    The one team that started it all, from team music videos.. to own cheerleaders...
    From this to that..
    Everything, they can really claim the copyrights of all this..!!

    But this year they seem to be missing..
    From occasional controversies, we have seen nothing of the KKR this year..

    There is no promotional campaigning going on..
    No team interviews,
    No music videos on the air..

    So, if anyone listening..??

    Where are you..??



    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    Do I Value Myself..??

    Recently, I cam across this beautiful article..
    And it gave me this "easy" question to wonder about..

    Today, many people suffer from this disease of thinking that 'they are not worthy or capable etc etc'.
    And this is the reason they don't get to know their true worth and  because of this only Life don't looks to them beautiful.
    Tell me one thing..??
    How you know that are you capable of doing this or not till you don't try it yourselves..??
    So, I just one thing to everyone..
    I request World just this that GO AND TRY...
    May you don't succeed, 
    May you end up with nothing but failures...
    But still GO AND TRY..
    Life is short,
    Try before you even can't try..
    Try because many a times the problem is that we ourselves don't know...
    We don't know our TALENTS...
    We don't know our CAPABILITIES...
    We don't know our OURSELVES...

    Monday, April 6, 2009

    49 - 0, Indian Constitution

    A: I will not Vote...
    B: Why??
    A: No one deserves to be voted, so I will not Vote..

    It's quite a common reason of the Youth today for not voting...
    They don't want to vote, because they don't think any of the candidate don't deserve their worthy vote.

    But not to worry friends,
    Our constitution provides us with a solution to this.

    It's 49 - 0.
    You go to voting office.
    Do all the formalities, and then say to the election officer present their that you don't want to vote for any of the candidate.
    So your vote would be registered and you can proudly say ' I VOTED'.
    And even you have stood upon your principles for not voting for an undeserving person.

    Now, such a novel concept.
    Such a nice provision in our constitution, but no political party advertise this.

    Because they worry, they would not get our vote or worse, their candidate would get black listed..
    But HOW??

    Let me tell you..

    Suppose, highest number of votes for a candidate at a constituency are 100, and that constituency gets more than 100, 49 - 0, votes then, that constituency would have a re-election and all the candidates who contested first time would be black-listed, that is they would not be allowed ever again to fill for the election again...

    Thus forcing the political parties to search for worthy candidates...

    So guys, for the LOK SABHA elections 2009, Go and VOTE..
    And if you don't consider any worthy candidate then exercise your vote to 49-0.

    B: This time, no one deserves to be voted, then why are you voting ??
    A: Though no one deserves my vote, I would vote 49-0, vote for my country, for a better future, for a better

    MY TRUTHS...

    This is a tag doing around the blogging universe for some time now...
    I grabbed this from the blog ' '.

    So here are my 100 truths..

    001. Name → Saurabh
    002. Nickname(s)→ Golu, Jammy
    004. Zodiac sign → Cancer
    005. Male or female → Male.
    006. Elementary → G.V.P.S
    008. High School → N.C.J.P.S
    009. College School → NIEC, IP university, Delhi
    010. Hair color → Black
    011. Long or short → short
    012. Loud or Quiet → loud, I love to talk and share stories
    013. Jumpers or Jeans → Jeans
    014. Phone or Camera → Phone to SMS, and that only for taking the pics..
    015. Health freak → nope
    016. Drink or Smoke? → nothing... I AM A GOOD BOY
    017. Do you have a crush on someone? → yes
    018. Eat or Drink → Drink
    019. Piercings → NONE
    020. Tattoos → None

    023. First piercing → NO
    024. First best friend → SUMIT
    025. First award → may be for create an art competition...
    026. First crush → don't remember
    027. First pet → no pets
    028. First big vacation → well... the 1st with my family when I was 2 (may be younger!!)
    030. First big birthday → My 1st B'day..

    049. Eating → I think, going to eat as soon as I finish blogging
    050. Drinking → just had ORANGE juice
    052. I'm about to → Think about studying.. (my exams are going on..)
    053. Listening to → 'Kahin toh hogi woh, duniya....' from Jaane tu yaa jaane naa
    054. Plans for today → Study, Talk, eat, sleep
    055. Waiting for → a miracle

    058. Want kids? → never thought about that
    059. Want to get married? → I think YES, but can never be sure when you are talking about Saurabh
    060. Careers in mind → Theater, Engineer, A self-made Tycoon!!!

    068. Lips or eyes → Eyes
    070. Shorter or taller - Taller.
    072. Romantic or spontaneous → spontaneous
    073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Nice arms.
    074. Sensitive or loud→ Sensitive.
    075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship.
    076. Trouble maker or hesitant → Trouble maker

    080. Lost glasses/contacts → yeah
    081. Ran away from home → nope, but would be fun..
    082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → neah.. (who would attack me.???)
    083. Killed somebody → NEVER.. I love life, mine and everyone's else
    084. Broke someone's heart → yes

    085. Been arrested → no...
    087. Cried when someone died → Yes.

    089. Yourself → Yes.
    090. Miracles → absolutely
    091. Love at first sight → Yes
    092. Heaven → Yes.
    093. Santa Claus → NO
    094. Tooth Fairy → NO
    095. Kiss on the first date → yes

    097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Yeah (don't ask me the name...)
    098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Seriously happy...    NO
    099. Do you believe in God → Yes
    100. Post as 100 truths and tag 20 people→ I would...

    It was fun answering 100 questions about me..!!!

    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    Exams Again..

    hey guys,
    Exams are here again.

    And they would end on 25th of May.

    A long time.

    But don't worry,
    I am not going to vanish completely but just the frequency of my post would drop significantly as you have seen lately.
    Even right now, I have so many stories to tell you.
    But can't.

    I am really sorry for this.
    But promise you to make up for all these, once I return.

    Till then,
    God Bless you..

    AIEEE 2009

    All India Engineering Entrance Examination 2009

    All India Engineering/Architecture Entrance Examination (AIEEE ) 2009 for admission to Engineering and Architecture programmes at the undergraduate level in the country is being conducted by CBSE.
    The exam date for All India Engineering Entrance Examination had been announced by CBSE i.e. 26th April 2009.

    It is 'THE' exam for a great percentage of the engineering colleges in INDIA.
    The best colleges in AIEEE are the NITs.

    And a student getting admission in one of them generally ends up as a good Engineer.

    VITEEE 2009


    Examination will be held on 18th April 2009
    B.Tech. PROGRAMMES 2009 Batch

    B.Tech Programmes Offered: (Duration - 4 Years)

    1.  Bioinformatics
    2.  Bio-Medical Engineering
    3.  Biotechnology
    4.  Chemical Engineering
    5.  Civil Engineering
    6.  Computer Science & Engineering
    7.  Electronics & Communication Engineering
    8.  Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    9.  Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
    10.  Information Technology
    11.  Mechanical Engineering
    12.  Mechanical & Energy Engineering

    Best of luck guys..
    The cut-off is generally around 75