Monday, April 6, 2009

49 - 0, Indian Constitution

A: I will not Vote...
B: Why??
A: No one deserves to be voted, so I will not Vote..

It's quite a common reason of the Youth today for not voting...
They don't want to vote, because they don't think any of the candidate don't deserve their worthy vote.

But not to worry friends,
Our constitution provides us with a solution to this.

It's 49 - 0.
You go to voting office.
Do all the formalities, and then say to the election officer present their that you don't want to vote for any of the candidate.
So your vote would be registered and you can proudly say ' I VOTED'.
And even you have stood upon your principles for not voting for an undeserving person.

Now, such a novel concept.
Such a nice provision in our constitution, but no political party advertise this.

Because they worry, they would not get our vote or worse, their candidate would get black listed..
But HOW??

Let me tell you..

Suppose, highest number of votes for a candidate at a constituency are 100, and that constituency gets more than 100, 49 - 0, votes then, that constituency would have a re-election and all the candidates who contested first time would be black-listed, that is they would not be allowed ever again to fill for the election again...

Thus forcing the political parties to search for worthy candidates...

So guys, for the LOK SABHA elections 2009, Go and VOTE..
And if you don't consider any worthy candidate then exercise your vote to 49-0.

B: This time, no one deserves to be voted, then why are you voting ??
A: Though no one deserves my vote, I would vote 49-0, vote for my country, for a better future, for a better