Friday, April 17, 2009

God said "I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN"...

Today was one of those days...
when I had logged heads with GOD..!!!

I once told you about the society that I along with my bunch of friends wants to create in the college.

And we tried very hard...
But till now it has not come into existence..
Firstly there were some time related problems, then some other or other...
But finally everything was sorted out..
And we were ready to give the presentation about the 
society to our Director as to get her approval.
And then started the game against the DESTINY...
We again and again took her time for the presentation,
and sometimes she is busy.
Sometimes she gives the time but not be able to turn up or something or something.
So it was happening for some time now.
And today I was like" I had to give it today...".
And when I approached for her time, 
She gave it.
And I was like..
Today GOD is with me and we would give it today.
God started implementing his plans...
  1. firstly, our teacher coordinator was absent.
  2. then, we were not able to get a projector
  3. After that, when we some how arranged the projector, the wireless keyboard refused to work.
  4. Okey, we arranged another keyboard.
  5. But.. how could it end like this, then Mr. Projector comes and asks for a Password, which was never present till date. And refuses to bow down...
And thus ruining our whole plans.

God, you won again today..
But one day..
One day, I would make the presentation and you would not be able to do anything...
(No, do 1 thing...  BLESS ME)

Till today I was like...

If somehow I am able to give the presentation and make the society, its GOOD...
But, now I would make it at any cost...

So, am coming GOD..
Call anyone you can...

God, forgive me..
I never want to disrespect you, and if by chance had done this then am extremely SORRY..
But yes, 
i would make the society...!!!