Monday, April 13, 2009

What Happened Today..??

I don't know what happened today??
Was it something in college..??
Or something said by someone..??
Or something else..??
when I reach home today..
I was like feeling lost.

My positiveness has gone for a trip..!! (though my blood group is B+)

So, the first thing I did was to message my friends about it..And asked for their HELP..

It was horrible for me..
I had lost my HOPE & CONFIDENCE...
which are like the most important things for me.

But here came my friends at my rescue..
Some by telling me what god says...
GOD : You do, what you want...
           But what happens is, what I want..
           So, you do what I want..
           And what will happen is what you want...
Quite complicated..
I know!!
It took me some time understanding it, but it was really helpful.

Some told me about How life works..??
Its all about facing ups and downs in life. Its part of life.
Don't be scared and don't lose hope.
Be determined, and have patience.
Remember facing difficulties results in success.

Or some by saying, 
(WHAT A LIE..!!!)

Or some by suggesting to hear a song, and everything would be alright..
Or some by telling me, 
Don't worry THEY ARE THEIR FOR ME...

So, all this was really overwhelming and refilled me with Hope..
And I was again all ready to face the WORLD & ITS CHALLENGES...
Whatever happened with me..??
Whatever it was??
A monster sucking happiness or some weird person taking over me..??
Its over, me along with my friends have taken over it.
Thank You friends..
I would be nothing without you...

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