Thursday, April 30, 2009

Win 2 iPod Touch with TechBoing

So, this could really be one of the first online contest am participating in..
I found it really cool, and hope I win too.

SO, here is my entry for the contest.

What I wanna read at the Tech Boing..??

  1. Something about the freakiest gadgets..
  2. Something about protecting the PC from phising etc..
  3. And continue with the reviews about the cell phones..

These are the details about the contest...
Do participate...

Boy! Have Tech Boing got a contest for you! The contest has 2 prizes, one for a blogger and one for a guy that doesn’t have a blog.

Prizes : iPod Touch (16 GB) for bloggers and an iPod Touch (8 GB) for those without a blog.
The rules are simple :

Step 1. Spread the word on Twitter : Tech Boing is giving away 2 ipod touch!
Step 2. Make a post on your blog where you talk about this contest and tell us what would you like to read on a tech blog. Don’t forget to link us on homepage and to send a trackback to this article.
Step 3 (only for those without a blog) : Make as many comments as you can (spammers will be disqualified)!

The contest starts now, on 11 April 2009, and ends on 11 May 2009.

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