Saturday, May 30, 2009

DCE 2009 cut-offs

Many of the potential engineering students sealed their future in today's DCE exam.
Personally, I felt it was a little tougher than last year.
So, likely the cut-offs should drop.

Last year,
the cut-offs had risen very much as compared to 2007's.

See, what happens this year..
Though I would not make much of predictions right now, but as per now,
I believe scoring around 350 would get you admission in either NSIT or DCE...

As per last year, you required around 380 (at least...)
But this year, I think even 325 could get you an admission.

Let's see what happens..
The picture would be clear in two weeks...
As expected results would be out by then...


Blogging to earn...!!

There are many sites which offer you the chance to earn some money with your blogs. And most of the bloggers enjoy that as they feel some extra money don't hurt.
Even there are many who state blogging as their primary source of income.
So, today blogging is a little synonymous with some extra pocket salary.

And in these times of spams, frauds, viruses etc. etc. many of us don't know about the perfect platform for earning money with blogging.

So, What to do..??
Leave the blogging, or forget about earning some money with blogging..??
What to do..??

So, our search for perfect blog advertising platform continues...
And in that search, I came to a fellow blogger's blog, where he mentions about various Blog Advertising Platform. And tells the honest way from where we can earn a little money.

So, make money online is one of the better places where you can get to know about various places from where you can earn money.

Check it out for the best and honest, very important thing, reviews.



Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally!!! Exams Over...

At the last my exams got over yesterday...!!!

I never wanted my exams to get over so badly..
This time I was way over my saturation point.

But finally, after being crushed by exams for past one year, I can have some rest. There have been exams every two weeks apart from (approx.) daily assignments and tests.

But all those goes over the window for next two months.
Its holiday time...!!!
So, GOD willing, it would be a regular posting now.

I had planned up a lot of thing for these holidays...
And the most important is (apart from blogging..!!!)
reviving my old love for books...

Due to some odd reason..
I have not been able to read some good books for some time now..
And I made a head start to it yesterday by gifting myself three books...

  • I too had a love story..  
  • Everything You Desire
  • Nothing for you my dear still I love you.....!

Would be coming with their reviews very soon...!!

And also,
I would be coming up with a lot of things on the blog..
From something about Robotics to some new gossips in the tinsel town..!!!

So, anything happening around the world, it would be here on your favorite blog I SAY WHAT I FEEL...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blogging Tips

Recently, I was searching for some site or blog or anything that help me to improve my blog.
Something that help me to improve the look of my blog.

Something that makes the blog I SAY WHAT I FEEL, more pleasant for all of my readers.

I came across this site and was amazed to see how helpful this blog is.
What I really loved about this was the way it is written. It is very clear and easy to understand. This is like one stop shop for all your blogging problems. And if there is anything you want and is not available there, you request the author, and there would be it very soon.

Also, you will find the blog very pleasant to see.
It has got a great design and don't looks over the edge at all.

In all,
so next time you have any problem,
you know where to head...!!!

Quick Est 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So today,
KKR ends their campaign in IPL 2009.

Though it was a dismal season for them, but still they were able to end on a winning note. Though it looked like Rajasthan Royals are going to pull this one through. But it seems lady luck left them just at the moment they required it the most. Having defended 6 off 6 balls, and four off six balls. They were looking like to apply the brakes on KKR, but this time it was not to be. So its time for them along with KKR to pack their bags and head for home.

So, what's now for KKR..??
A lot...!!!

They need to figure out why they always end on loosing side in real crunch situation..??
They need to take some hard decisions..
And they need to look at their team of coaching staff..!!!

But, after winning the last two matches, they look a solid team now, and they must hope for a good show next year. And my instinct says they would be the team to reckon with next year.

And I place my money on them for IPL 2010.

So, for time being it is...


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Could you ask for anything more...??

ShopWiki Homepage

Recently I was searching for a good online shopping guide.

And could not believe my good fortune when i came across shopwiki

Today, there is everything available on internet. And most of the people gets really confused searching for the best product. And if they found it, then it's not upto their desired specifications. Sometimes its a little costly, or sometimes its colour is not according to their taste.
Or sometimes we want to buy a particular brand.

And we don't get all these services available at a single place...

SHOPWIKI has come to our help. It is the ultimate shopping search engine. It crawls some 200,000 online stores to provide us with the best deals.

It offers us Directory to help us easily browse the shop..!!!
And some of the options we have are...

  1. Humidifiers 
  2. Bathroom Organization and storage 
  3. Cleaning and Organization 
  4. Vacuum Cleaners 
  5. Deep Carpet Cleaners 
  6. Steam Cleaners 
  7. Housewares and Home Maintenance Products Buying Guide 
And once you have selected your product, you can filter it according to the price, colour, brand etc.

It also includes a Wiki Buying And Gift Guides which help you with some very good gift options and also help you with a smart purchase.

So, all in all, Shopwiki  is a wonder for all of us shopping buff.
And now we knew the place where to go, when we wanna go Shopping...!!!

Happy Shopping...!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


You must be wondering why there has been no update since the last post.

I am sorry, my exams are going on, and i would not be able to update it very frequently now.
May be it is possible that I don't post at all for the next two weeks or so.

Please forgive me,
But I promise you that as soon as the exams are over, I am going to update it with great posts, informative and entertaining.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Some lovely Blogs...

 I was surfing various blogs as usual, and came across to two wonderful blogs.

          What I loved most about this was the way it depicts London.
          It makes you so familiar to London, that you don't feel you are an outsider,
          but as one of the many living there.
          Now, when I visit London, I would not feel alienated..!!!

          This is one of those blogs you will find very rarely.
          Apart from being wonderfully written, the posts tend to convince you that 'yes, This is right.'
          Also, you will find upon reading the posts that the author does not tend to write political correct votes.
          I loved reading the posts and I am a fan.

I really believe these are two most wonderful blogs I have ever came across.
And if you want to read quality posts you must read them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the doting moms.

A day for someone who spent whole of their lives for us is not enough but still its a way to recognize the most important person in anyone's life.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little experiment with cell phone...

Recently I was reading an interview, and there the interviewer asked,

Q: what's the one fashion trend you don't understand..??
A: The obsession with cell phones..

So, this led me to experiment or test how much I am addicted to cell phones..

So, for last three days, I was trying to stay away from my cell..
And I tried not to pick any call, not to send any SMS...
Or anything related to that..

So, here are the results of the experiment...

In the three days of the experiment...

calls made - 0
calls picked - 1 (just a 1 sec. call)
sms sent - 2+2+1=5

here was the result, and I came to conclusion that, may be a little but I am a little addicted to my cell.
And from now, I am back..
My cell is waiting for me...

P.S. -  My friends did not have any idea about this experiment. So if any one of you felt I am ignoring you, or something.. So, that's not the case...
It was just an experiment...
And I am back now...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Storm in the LIFE..

2 says back, there was a thunderous storm in the city..
And watching it,
I could see a similar storm in my life.

I can see myself fighting with my friends over petty things..
I could see myself doing and saying things I never imagined in my weirdest of dreams..
I found myself being on the wrong side of road again and again...

Why is it so..??
I don't know..
But yes,
There is a certain storm that is devastating me and my life...
There is darkness all over..
I could just don't see any traces of light...

I just wish.
sunlight takes over soon...



VITEEE 2009 results are out,
and you must have already checked them.

And based on your calculated marks...
if you are getting a rank under 10k,
then you can get a admission in a good course...


You can check your result at

AIEEE 2009 cutoff

I know its a little late for this,
but still...

This time AIEEE was a little more tougher than last time,
and the predicted ranks are as...

Predicted RankMarks
1-100more then 325
Below 100K<122

Monday, May 4, 2009

Memories & Beyond...

Memory is a child walking along a seashore.  You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things.  ~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

Memories mean a lot to me, you and everyone.
And believe me, everyone has bundles of memories.

Memories of your first day at school..
Memories of your first job, your first salary...
Memories of your first LOVE..




Memories are memories..
You can't run away from a bad ones..
Or can't relive a good one.

You can just recall them,
and LAUGH with them,
LIVE with them.

Memories could be a moment,
or some hours,
or a beautiful day.

Whatever they are,
They that last a lifetime..

I would be starting a series here...


In this, I would share with you my memories.
I would share with you a part of me.
It would not be a daily, weekly, or monthly thing.
But it would be frequent.

Hope, you too laugh with me and cry with me..

As some one said...

For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I love shopping.
I love the time spent with the friends along with shopping.
But, don't have the time to go and browse through various malls, markets.
Don't have time to check with various shops.. which is giving the best Deal..
And the most important thing, friends are not free to go shopping..
WHAT TO DO...???

Here comes the solution...

India’s 1st Social Shopping Community

 It would be the answer to every problem..
You ask for something, and you get that...
It has many features and am going to tell you about some of them...
  1. DEALS BOX...
This is a User generated Shopping section... It lets you upload any shopping offer you have. And gives you the power to 'KICK A BAD DEAL' i.e. if you found any deal not good, or overcharging or anything... You have the right to kick the deal.. And it would be taken off the portal.

One of the most important thing while shopping is to get stuff at the right price. So here, if any similar deal is their on the portal, they would become a part of challenge. And in a way giving you the option to go for the best buy.
  1.  COMMUNITY...
It would be here where you would get to know the need of such a portal..
It would have Blogs, Q-n-A, Videos.. etc. etc. everything uploaded by our like people only.
So we can be at our home enjoying 

And there are many more features, options and help for fellow shopping lovers like me.
guys what are you waiting for..??

Saturday, May 2, 2009

WIN 60K EC..

For some time now, I have been looking for a contest where I can win loads of EC.
And here it is the one..

Here are the details..

Prizes - 50,000 ec + sponsorships
  1. 30,000 ec + 100 RSS via email subscriptions
  2. 10,000 ec + 50 RSS via email subscriptions
  3. 5,000 ec + 25 RSS via email subscriptions
  4. 3,000 ec + 10 RSS via email subscriptions
  5. 2,000 ec + 10 RSS via email subscriptions

Awards for 6-10 based on sponsorships at 1,000 each. Additional sponsorships spread over the 10 places.

To gain entries to the contest:
  1. Post your entry in the comment section below with a working email - 0 points. Required for entry.
  2. 10 points - Post a short review on you site about this contest with a link to this page. (required)
  3. 10 points - Post a short review of Faith and Facts with a link using my blog title as the anchor text.
  4. 10 points - Post a blurb, using part of the title as the anchor text for the link, for any post on this page -
  5. 10 points - Add Faith and Facts to your blogroll
  6. 5 points - Post a comment on any blog post
  7. 5 points - Subscribe to RSS via email and confirm the subscription.
  8. 2 points - Fave me on Technorati.
  9. 1 point - for each social bookmark that I can confirm, up to a max of 50.
Winners would be drawn randomly.
So go and win.

Delay... Delay... Delay...

I know..
Its a long time, since I had a meaningful post..

And even this one is not the one.
There have been many factors delaying it.
But the major ones are..

The ongoing IPL..

KKR.. continues with their loosening habit.
RCB coming back to winning ways.
The IPL is more looking like a competitions of even.

Another major factor delaying it is
The EXAMS...

No update on that, apart from prac. going fine... and the theory exams are nowhere to be seen right now, but can erupt from anywhere and any moment.

And the biggest factor is..

Since I have joined it, I have gotten very addicted to it. And the poker app. in it eats away most of my time.
I am trying to stay away from it, but it looks like I am really addicted to it and need to join some remedy center..

Hope, I come back soon to my old writing habits.
Till then, its