Saturday, May 30, 2009

DCE 2009 cut-offs

Many of the potential engineering students sealed their future in today's DCE exam.
Personally, I felt it was a little tougher than last year.
So, likely the cut-offs should drop.

Last year,
the cut-offs had risen very much as compared to 2007's.

See, what happens this year..
Though I would not make much of predictions right now, but as per now,
I believe scoring around 350 would get you admission in either NSIT or DCE...

As per last year, you required around 380 (at least...)
But this year, I think even 325 could get you an admission.

Let's see what happens..
The picture would be clear in two weeks...
As expected results would be out by then...



  1. agree, maths this time was very verbose questions making it longer to read and resolve.

  2. hope so...lets see....

  3. Yes...
    I even felt, maths difficulty level is increasing in CEE by the years..

  4. seriously mann maths was really tough & time consuming...& evn chem. was a bit tough...

  5. yeah...
    but there is nothing one can do, instead just wait for the results...!!!

  6. i'm getting 373 in cee 2009.i've saw d variation in cutoff frm 2007 to 2008....was dis yrs papr tgher dan 2007..if yes then shud cut0ff fall as iit has also inc its seats...if even cutt off is 350...then what can i get....

  7. maths was such dat very few could do more dan 25....phy was lot easier...vbut wat bout chem....whosoeva is tellin dat chem was easy is buulshit...i got 12 neg yaar...many questions frm inorg....i did 40 correctly...when i'm a master of chem got 100 in boards....pls tell me wil i get through

  8. hey...
    first of all,
    congrats for 100 in chemistry..

    Now, as per CEE,
    373, should get you in for sure...

    And, you can get mechanical,
    but you never know...

    Seats increasing in IIT,
    you even can even get IT or Electrical..

  9. maths was a bit time consuming...else cud hv done more...i cud manage onlye upto 33 questions in maths.....when is the result expected???

  10. well... it should be around 14th or 15th..
    Hope, you get selected..!!!

  11. im gettin a score arnd 402.which stream can i expect??

  12. bhai 350 par rankk batao plzzzzzz......

  13. I am expecting around 370 . Also this year 3 - 4 ques were wrong so what will happen for those ones ? Please tell expected rank for me.......thankzzz

  14. i think the cut will be around 370-375


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