Saturday, May 2, 2009

Delay... Delay... Delay...

I know..
Its a long time, since I had a meaningful post..

And even this one is not the one.
There have been many factors delaying it.
But the major ones are..

The ongoing IPL..

KKR.. continues with their loosening habit.
RCB coming back to winning ways.
The IPL is more looking like a competitions of even.

Another major factor delaying it is
The EXAMS...

No update on that, apart from prac. going fine... and the theory exams are nowhere to be seen right now, but can erupt from anywhere and any moment.

And the biggest factor is..

Since I have joined it, I have gotten very addicted to it. And the poker app. in it eats away most of my time.
I am trying to stay away from it, but it looks like I am really addicted to it and need to join some remedy center..

Hope, I come back soon to my old writing habits.
Till then, its


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