Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally!!! Exams Over...

At the last my exams got over yesterday...!!!

I never wanted my exams to get over so badly..
This time I was way over my saturation point.

But finally, after being crushed by exams for past one year, I can have some rest. There have been exams every two weeks apart from (approx.) daily assignments and tests.

But all those goes over the window for next two months.
Its holiday time...!!!
So, GOD willing, it would be a regular posting now.

I had planned up a lot of thing for these holidays...
And the most important is (apart from blogging..!!!)
reviving my old love for books...

Due to some odd reason..
I have not been able to read some good books for some time now..
And I made a head start to it yesterday by gifting myself three books...

  • I too had a love story..  
  • Everything You Desire
  • Nothing for you my dear still I love you.....!

Would be coming with their reviews very soon...!!

And also,
I would be coming up with a lot of things on the blog..
From something about Robotics to some new gossips in the tinsel town..!!!

So, anything happening around the world, it would be here on your favorite blog I SAY WHAT I FEEL...

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