Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So today,
KKR ends their campaign in IPL 2009.

Though it was a dismal season for them, but still they were able to end on a winning note. Though it looked like Rajasthan Royals are going to pull this one through. But it seems lady luck left them just at the moment they required it the most. Having defended 6 off 6 balls, and four off six balls. They were looking like to apply the brakes on KKR, but this time it was not to be. So its time for them along with KKR to pack their bags and head for home.

So, what's now for KKR..??
A lot...!!!

They need to figure out why they always end on loosing side in real crunch situation..??
They need to take some hard decisions..
And they need to look at their team of coaching staff..!!!

But, after winning the last two matches, they look a solid team now, and they must hope for a good show next year. And my instinct says they would be the team to reckon with next year.

And I place my money on them for IPL 2010.

So, for time being it is...


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