Monday, May 11, 2009

Some lovely Blogs...

 I was surfing various blogs as usual, and came across to two wonderful blogs.

          What I loved most about this was the way it depicts London.
          It makes you so familiar to London, that you don't feel you are an outsider,
          but as one of the many living there.
          Now, when I visit London, I would not feel alienated..!!!

          This is one of those blogs you will find very rarely.
          Apart from being wonderfully written, the posts tend to convince you that 'yes, This is right.'
          Also, you will find upon reading the posts that the author does not tend to write political correct votes.
          I loved reading the posts and I am a fan.

I really believe these are two most wonderful blogs I have ever came across.
And if you want to read quality posts you must read them.

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