Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Contest from MonsterBuzz

I stumbled across this competition from MonsterBuzz...

I have a big problem!
I want to watch English movies but which one should I watch?
So I decide to make an easy contest for all of you. I’ll give 10USD to any of you who suggest most interesting movies for me!
Read more for the details of this contest.

This contest entitled “10 English Movies That I Should Watch“.

Prize: 10USD (Through Paypal / Maybank2U)

How to join this contest?
1. Retweet this post. Copy and twit this:
Contest: 10 English Movies That I Should Watch. Win 10USD now! http://tr.im/oZAj
2. Make a simple post on your blog telling the others about this contest. You’re required to put the link to this contest in your post. I only accept post in English and Bahasa.
3. Choose 10 English movies which you think that I should watch and state them in the comment section below with the URL to your post and your Twitter ID.
Example in the comment section:
1. Movie 1
2. Movie 2
3. Movie 3
4. Movie 4
5. Movie 5
6. Movie 6
7. Movie 7
8. Movie 8
9. Movie 9
10. Movie 10
Post URL – http://myblog.com/contest-from-monsterbuzz
Twitter ID – yourTwitterID
* You’re not required to state the movies in your post.
* I accept ANY English movies no matter it is new or old.
* I accept ANY English movies from any genres except pornographic materials.
4. Done!


1. You can suggest English movies ONLY. And you have to FOLLOW all the steps given.
2. Only one entry per person. 2nd entry will not be considered.
3. The participant who suggests most interesting movies for me will be the winner.
4. You might suggest the same movies with others but I can’t tolerate if your suggestion is too similar with the others.
5. Any comments other than contest submissions will be deleted. If you have any question, feel free to send your question to me through the Contact Form.
This contest will end on 1st July 2009. Winner will be announced and we will contact you for the prize transaction.
That’s all. Thank you.
Now suggest 10 English movies that I should watch and you might be the winner! =D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of the most important blogging tip...

What am just going to tell you is one of the most important thing. Something that you must remember by heart if you seriously want to be successful as a blogger.
If you aim to make serious money as a blogger, or want to take blogging as a career, and plan to go full time blogging,
you must follow this.
You must remember this.

What am going to tell you could be the difference why you are not able to make blogging a success.

It is, don't make a bad post.

Yes, that's it. If you are new into this, then you don't have the luxury of making a bad post. You have to be up there in all of your posts. 

Well, at least till the time, you are not in the same league as John Chow or Darren Rowse.
They now after so much of hard work, after proving themselves as the winners, after earning dollars and dollars, they even earned that luxury. Though all of their posts are up to the notch, but still if they do a bad post, it would not matter to them. Readers, bloggers, people who want to earn money through blogging would go to their site for sure. No matter, if its not a good post, and they don't have anything in their mind to make a comment, they would do that. 
Because, they want to be the first commentator on any post as they want to get noticed. And they are right, like them, many other would come to the site, and would read the post and would agree with that and follow it (no matter, if it says don't label your posts...!!!).
And why not..??
They are the people making their living through blogging and not us.
So, that's the reason they can do the mistake of making a bad post.

So, where it leaves us..??
No bad posts till we reach that level...!!!

Why making a single bad post could destroy your chances of making it big??

First of all, I don't say it would finish all your chances, but yes would send you many steps back.

Suppose there is a person who came to your blog recently and loved your last post.
He thinks you as a great source of information. And decides to come back again.
And this tine, you publishes a not so good post.
And when he visits again, he is disappointed and leaves the blog to never return again.

But there's a possibility, that he subscribed to your blog, and your next post again wins his heart, and he becomes an avid reader of your of your blog, comments regularly.
After sometime, he recommends one of his friend to check your blog, and by coincidence you didn't have much time to update, so you just published a not so good post.
And the new visitor don't find it at all interesting, so he leaves.
He tells it to the recommender, and he decides never to recommend your blog to anyone else.

So, instead of making a new reader, you lost many potential readers.
That's the power of a bad post.

So, what to do..??
Generally, a bad post is done when the author has not much time.
So, at this time, it's better to not to post at all, instead of making a post that's not well researched, that don't matches the high standards you set for yourself.

Sometimes, you don't have anything to write about..
Then, what to do..??
The same thing, don't blog...
This would make your regular reader curious about you..??
They would be flooding your mail box, your comments section, that why are not you blogging..?? And could even make them to go through the archives.
And, this would also give you something to blog about.

So, in this way, a bad post could be prevented, and help you instead to make a very good post.
Next time, before making a post,
ask yourself..??

Would you come back to a blog, if you read this post on some other blog..??
And, there would be your answer...!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson dead...

Michael Jackson, the king of pop, the greatest pop star ever died due to a cardiac arrest in his room on Thursday. He was 50.
He was born as a cute African-American guy. "Normal", if you will, and very talented. By age 11, he was a hit, and by 14, he has his first #1 hit with Ben ( a touching love song..).

He was a superstar, and one of the first who vanished the gap between black and white music, and eradicated the race barrier. He was the first African-American entertainer to be as popular on MTV as he was.
His album 'Thriller', released in 1982, broke all records and till date is the best selling album of all time.
Though he was a great musician, he was even better performer. as it was stage was his true calling. He popularized the dance steps such as robot and Moonwalk. And I have not seen anyone doing better than him.
He made the whole world moonwalk together...!!
He was an utter genius..
Yes, He was the King of Pop.

He was the guy for the Music Industry, and everything he touched was turning into gold. But then something happened, And it shattered the world around him. 
He once said, 
There's a Mother's Day and there's a Father's Day, but there's no Children's Day. It would mean a lot. World peace.
But, child was the word that made his life a living hell. He kept on saying, he can never harm a child, but to no avail. And this took heavy toll on him,his career and his life.
That child molestation case against him wrecked his career like no one ever has. He was devastated. 
But he continued to say,
Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts and only asks to be lived.

He was never able to reach those standards again, he was never able to be on #1 again.
But he gave himself another chance. He announced a comeback tour. And it was looking like, he would be once again be on the top. And he deserved that chance too, but God had his own will. 

It's an end of era today.
The Industry has lost one of his greats.

For me,

He would always be an icon, a cult status.
I still remember, singing the song 'We Are The World...' on the school stage.
I still remember hearing hits like Off the wall, Beat it...

As he said,



Thursday, June 25, 2009


Its an age of advertisement, nay aggressive advertisement. There is virtually an advertising invasion. Its all over the world, influencing our ideas, lifestyles, decisions and what not.
They can be seen everywhere...
Be it newspapers, televisions, billboards, sport matches...
You name it and its there..

You can even see them in sky, on trains or even on the humans...!!!

Advertisements serve a great purpose. They promote sales, increase business and profits as nothing else can do. They catch the eyes, hearts and minds of the viewers and turn them into instant buyers. They appeal to their imagination, curiosity and purchasing urges. People are tempted to buy what they see advertised. 

Effect of Ads are such that they make people to overlook any hesitation, make them not care about their need or stuff...
They just want to buy the product.

And the more popular the ad, better the recognition for the brand.
In the recently concluded IPL, there were Zoozoo ads by Vodafone and were an instant hit. You can estimate their popularity index by the fact that  there are more than 300,000 fans in its Facebook fan club.

So, that's the power of a nice, powerful adveriesement.

Talking of advertisement, how we can forget the online advertising...
I think, it's one of the biggest advertising business right now. I am not sure about my facts though, but still, I think it is.

And what unique it has done is that, it has helped companies to target that selected audience. They don't need to advertise for the whole lot. The ad would reach only to the potential customer.
Also, online advertising gives you the option of being advertised through the customers only through reviews.
So, in all, I believe, online advertising is the best on offer today.

And you can advertise on this very blog...
As promised, I am giving the option to advertise on I SAY WHAT I FEEL...

You can buy a review on the blog...
It could be anything ranging from a short review, to long detailed one.

Also, you can buy yourself Banner Ads. It could be 125 x 125, or horizontal banners...

It's something that depends on what you ask for..

Also, I could even do a review or display your Ad for free even, if I really found your ad genuine, and what you are claiming to be true.

You can contact me either by leaving comments here or through my mail, saurabhgolu91(at)gmail(dot)com.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Online Radio - I am loving it...

John Chow dot Com, a blog by the Internet mogul itself is giving up $4000 cash in a wild radio contest.
And the contest is so simple that even a 9 year old can participate.

You would be earning had cold cash, $4000 (if more than 200 entries, otherwise $2000), and not some gift voucher or something. And that make this contest even better. 

The contest is sponsored by Onlineradiostations.com, and I have to say it is one of the best the best Online Radio site, I have ever seen. And now I am so hooked to it, that my Mp3 player is complaining. Seriously, its amazing and you have a wide range of radio station to chose. Its great. And the music, the sound quality etc. etc. All these ranks it up there, at the top. 
And more and more I listen to it, the more I fell in love with it. And my favorite station at onlineradiostations.com is
 1 FM Top Music. Its located at Southeastern,USA.

So, along with participating in the contest I also get to enjoy some great music. Now, I just wish I can win the contest too.

You can too participate in the contest, but be fast, as it ends this Friday...
All details could be found here.

So, go and enjoy some great music with a chance to win great cash.

What a relief...!!!

You must be watching lot of changes in my blog's look.
Well, I just left all the Ads.

No more Ads..??

you got that right...

I SAY WHAT I FEEL is no more serving ads... (at least for now.)
Though, I would be frank with you guys and would love to earn a little money, but am so disgusted with these ad-networks, that I have to take this step...

Recently, my earnings and campaign were disqualified and why were it so..???
They say, the content is not original...

Have they even read the content...??
Its cent percent original...
Sources are my thoughts, my experience, my knowledge..
And they say its copied...
How could they...??
Could give them a piece of their mind and tell them, its original...
Purely ORIGINAL...

But who make these people understand..??
These people just don't care, before dismissing anyone.
They don't care what we publishers do...??
They just want to earn money, money and money...
Nothing wrong in that, but at least they should live up to their promise.
It's a mean world, and am getting to know it.

So, what would I do..??
As told earlier, I want to make some money too.

Well for that, I would do reviews, host individual ads. And maybe, some other well known which keep their promises ad network, I could give them a try..

And, as per reviews and other simple ads, you can contact me here only.
Also, I would be coming up with a Advertise tag, where you can check every other details.

what else to say...
no ads, no money...
But yeah, the blog is uploading quite faster now...

What a relief...!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RIP Ed McMahon

I heard his name for the first time today itself, when I saw him on the trending topics of twitter.
I don't know much about him, and would not pretend to do so.

But knowing that he was an entertainer, so its a big loss for entire mankind.
As it is easy to laugh, but difficult to make someone else laugh.
He did that only.

May god,
give his family to come over the loss.

RIP Ed McMahon

Monday, June 22, 2009

Twitter - Something new..

Yesterday Pakistan were crowned as the new world T20 champions...
And the country celebrated it like their independence day..
Whatever that country has faced in recent times, it was nice to see smile on their faces, nice to see happy laughing people of Pakistan..

But, what am going to post is something different.
It's not about how a country who were given not even a chance at the beginning of the competition, emerged as the winners, nor it is about what it means to that country.

It's about TWITTER....!!!

Twitter...?? How is T20 related to twitter.

Well, it goes as....

Yesterday I was longing to watch the match, but my sis wanted to see some funny film...
And, I was not able to do anything...

So, I left the match, and came online...
And, when I logged on twitter, I saw #PakCricket as a trend...
I just clicked and was amazed to find live commentary going on there...!!!

But that's the truth.
People were twitting like anything and there were at least 50 different tweets on every ball bowled...
So, my problem was solved and I was enjoying it.
The emotions of live people were pouring as match swayed to and fro...

And, when match was finally won by Pakistan,
the twitter was all on Pakistan are the world T20 champs...

So, apart from what all you uses twitter for, it has also become one of the places where you can have live commentary of any match going on...

So, if anyhow, you are not able to see the upcoming Wimbledon, you know where to head to...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

How blog advertising works??

Blog has become one of the biggest source for people to share their thoughts with the world.
It's their hobby...
It's their business...
It's their life...

Through blogging, we not only express our thoughts, not only publish our idea, but also meet new people, get to know about what they think on various common interests...
And, make new friends...

Though it started just as a platform where one can say, what one feel but today it has evolved a full time business.
There are people who are making their living with blogs, who are full time bloggers.

But how does they earn money..??
Who pays them..??

What we should not forget is that they apart from being bloggers are common person, they are consumers of various products...
And who would you believe about a product, your friend or a pretty face on the billboard..?? 

Keeping this in their mind advertisers pay bloggers to write review about their products. And bloggers, who does the same don't mind getting money for the job they already do.

Many a Blog Advertising Networks have come up  where one get paid to blog.
So, if you are a good writer, with some knowledge on any thing, then you can maintain a blog, and can earn money...
And if you take it seriously, you may even be able to make a living out of it..!!!

So, what are you waiting for...??
Go now, and register...

There are even more opportunities to make money through a blog, and not just reviewing things.
You could earn money by showing various ads on your blog.
But you don't get much advertising or not much money for showing ads on your blog, if they are not popular and popularity is generally measured through where your blog is, in a search engine. It can be improved by SEO, or search engines optimization.
I came across a very good article on it, Basic website search engine optimization, after reading it, you would get a fair bit of idea about SEO.

So, if you can write, go and make money...!!
You must have heard,

But, here you even don't need a pen...!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

100th post...



I am so happy today, at the last the 100th post...
Well, it has been a long journey with its own ups and downs, but somehow we have reached here...
I am so emotional today...!!!
Well, when starting the blog, I never imagined I would be reaching here.
But, today here we stand on the 100th post.
Thank You all, 
for all your support during this tough journey...
here I compile 100 landmarks of the journey of I SAY WHAT I FEEL...
  1. The idea was originated quite a long time back, but never was executed.
  2. Then, things changed and on 22nd July, 2008 the blog I SAY WHAT I FEEL... was formed.
  3. And its 1st post came into existence. TRY ME...
  4. It was a slow and steady start as its next post KISMAT KONNECTION came, a complete one month after 1st one.
  5. And, then came the horrible void...
  6. It was not until 2009 arrived, that the blog again came to life.
  7. And, with happy new year wishes, blog came and now it was here to stay.
  8. Now, the blog was started to be updated frequently.
  9. And, for the first time, there were 22 posts published in a month.
  10. Though, I still wonder, how that was done...!!!
  11. But, it was truth and entered the February...
  12. Here, the post Tum ashudh ho, tum sadh chuke ho !! was published, and it made the blog a name somewhat knows.
  13. It became one of the most visited blog entry.
  14. And, blog continued its journey.
  15. And with posts like WHY SHOULD I DIE??EXAM TIME == MOVIE TIME... it was becoming really popular.
  16. But then came, a bad phase in the life of author and due to that even the blog suffered.Tired of losing....
  17. Life was not going well, and so was the blog..
  18. And the blog traffic dropped to an all time low.
  19. But them it happened... victory tasted..
  20. It was like a sigh of relief...
  21. And with new enthu pumping in the veins, author jumped for a revamp.
  22. The blog signed up with entrecard.
  23. And it brought not only new traffic to the blog, but also helped me to reach to some wonderful people and some wonderful blogs.
  24. Then there were signup with adgitize.
  25. And, the major revamp...
  26. The layout of the blog was changed...
  27. It was now more good looking.
  28. And, once again the blog continued with its journey.
  29. Along the journey, there were new and new signups everyday.
  30. It was a try to generate more and more traffic, but no success.
  31. Then it struck to me, traffic is directly proportional to good traffic and ...
  32. A great marketing...
  33. I could do the first one, but second, it was asking too much from me.
  34. The quality of posts increased...
  35. And so did a little bit of traffic..
  36. And, I fully understood why it is said....
  38. But as per the marketing was considered, I was standing nowhere...
  39. Reading here and there, I got to know things like...
  40. Reading forums, and leaving comment with the link of blog.
  41. Commenting various similar blogs, and leaving the link.
  42. Even article submitting.
  43. But whatever you say, laziness, no proper knowledge or anything else, I was not able to do anything.
  44. I continued just updating the posts and...
  45. Just tried to exchange the links...
  46. And tried with Link Exchange
  47. Then it was exam session again and frequently of post decreased a little.
  48. And then there were elections in India.
  49. So, came the post, 49 - 0, Indian Constitution.
  50. And, it become one of the popular posts with a lot of positive debate.
  51. And, it id some good, which I never mentioned in a post.
  52. There were some 800 49 - 0, posts in Delhi alone.
  53. It was nice to know, that somehow you helped a little.
  54. Then IPL season was coming, and so came posts according to that..
  55. Where is KKR??AN OPEN LETTER TO MR. SRK etc. etc. 
  56. And then came My 1st AWARD...
  57. It helped me to continue blogging though I was getting restless.
  58. As, I am such type of a guy who can't give his 100% if he is not rewarded according to his expectations.
  59. And, I also knew that, the base of most of my problems is this attitude of mine.
  60. And, then it was my first attempt for an contest.
  61. And, it continued...
  62. And all of them resulted in, you got it right...
  63. FAILURES...
  64. No win...
  65. But that's life...
  66. And i continued my journey in the blogosphere.
  67. Then I announced my 1st meme...
  68. Memories & Beyond...
  69. Though, I did not give it a meme look, but plan to give it in recent future.
  70. And with this, one more month was coming to an end.
  71. Now, with many a posts made...
  72. Some sort of regular traffic generated...
  73. I started feeling blogging as one of the most important thing in my life.
  74. And, I SAY WHAT I FEEL, transformed from...
  75. Being just a phone to...
  76. Something what I am...
  77. And, It looked to me, I SAY WHAT I FEEL...
  78. Was started being recognized.
  79. Seventeen people started following it.
  80. There are more than 40 RSS subscribers.
  81. And, I forgot to mention it earlier...
  82. In meanwhile, the blog got PR2.
  83. And blog felt proud.
  84. Also, things became better with ALEXA ranking.
  85. It started with rank in range of some 15 million...
  86. And, today when I am writing it, it is 366,347.
  87. Not very impressive, but it matters for the author and the blog.
  88. But this journey could not have been completed without the support of many people.
  89. Naman Zone, he was one of the very few bloggers I knew, before starting.
  90. FAITHS AND FACTS, he helped me times and again, telling me how to improve my blog.
  91. http://www.serradinho.com/Blog/, somehow or other, he also helped.
  92. And many and many others...
  93. Also, I would like to thank my friends who were a regular reader of I SAY WHAT I FEEL.
  94. You must be thinking, its not that, your blog have been named as in the TOP 100 blogs of the year, that you are thanking all and celebrating....
  95. I know, but I believe in living life to the full..
  96. And, May be due to some or other reason I can't make 101st post...
  97. So, I don't want to regret later that I did not celebrate my 100th post.
  98. Also, I knew there are many a blog with even more than 1000s of posts, and I SAY WHAT I FEEL, stands nowhere in front of them... SO, what, at least we are reaching that levels..!!!
  99. One to go... It was a difficult job compiling the list, but somehow we managed that.

    Shiney Ahuja - Hero or Villian..??

    A lot has been said about the Bollywood Actor Shiney Ahuja recently. Him being accused of raping his maidservant has thrown him from Page 3 to Page 1 headlines...
    Now, weather he is innocent or not, he knows it or the maid, and we can only wait and watch.

    Let us just have a look on the developments in the case till now...

    At first, he is arrested on being accused by maid.

    • Then medical tests and other reports comes in favor of the maid.
    • And even police says, They have enough proofs against Shiney.
    • And also comes the reports claiming that Shiney has been saying in the ivestigations that he is sorry, he committed a mistake.
    • Enters Anupam, Shiney's wife and claims that her husband can't do such a thing and he is innocent. She faces the media without any fear and gives a twist to the case by saying that A woman can commit a rape too...
    • Various theories come up, saying Servant's boyfriend was in debt, so she is just blackmailing Shiney. He is a star so being framed.. etc. etc.
    • Then maid's father claims that they have been taken advantage of as they are poor. and further claims that he would commit suicide if truth does not come out, which according to him is that Shiney should be punished according to the laws.
    • And, Shiney's remand increases and the hearing of the case in court is awaited.
    In all these things, one tend to forget that the maid also claimed that before her being raped on Sunday, Shiney had made advances towards her on Saturday afternoon but she resisted him.
    So, this makes me wonder why any girl would go again to that place where she is already been harassed.

    I am not saying, Shiney is innocent or something, but one's mind does tend to think that Shiney is being framed after thinking on these terms...
    Also, as the thing goes that Shiney has said that he is guilty, that could just be under psychological pressure of police investigation. Anything could have happened..
    There's a possibility too that he committed the sin, and is now regretting it.
    But whatever happens, even if he is innocent, this would dent his image on Bollywood, and his career could well be finished, unless a massive sympathy wave goes for him and he becomes a superstar overnight.
    And, if he is guilty, I just wanna ask him, WHY..??
    Why he did that..??
    With a wife, who is claiming you can't do such a thing...
    With so many fans saying you are just being framed...
    Why you did that..??
    Just WHY..??

    SO, here I rest my case, and the court's verdict is awaited...

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Love Vs. Friendship...


    May be they are just two words, but could mean life to someone.
    And, these only are the two feelings that generally lands a person on the dilemma..

    Sometimes, we think that we are in love not knowing, we are just friends...
    But sometimes, we stick so much to the friendship that, we forget that we are in love..

    It's not easy to know the difference between the two, and if you ask me, how to know, that we are in love or just friends..??
    I would answer,
                   I don't know...

    Yes, you read that right, I don't know, but I would love to know... (So, if anyone know about it. let me know...)

    Many would say that, love is nothing but friendship...
    I agree, but it is not just friendship...
    It is many a things more...
    Someone would even say, when you fall in love, you get a reason to live...

    So, we can say that friendship is the base of love, but love is something else...
    And, what is that..??
    So, What is love..??
    It's a question whose answer no one knows...
    It's the question that man still has not able to answer...
    Everyone  has their own opinions to it, but no one can say it confidently that he/she is completely right.
    But no matter, whatever you feel, whatever you think, or you agrees or disagree with it...
    It is the eternal truth of life...

    Man can't survive without it..
    As someone said, Man is hungry of love, and wherever he gets it, he stays there...

    Love is the essence of every relation, and that includes friendship...
    So, friendship is also as important as love to a person...

    Though love is pole star in the sky, friendship are the rest of the sky...
    You would not be able to enjoy the night if either of them is absent...
    Same applies to life..

    In life we need friends even if we are with our love...

    We love our friends, that's why we care for them, that's why we want them to succeed, no matter what we have to do for them..

    So, who are friends..??
    They are not our lover, but love us..
    They are not our family, care for us..
    They are not in our blood, but ready to share our pain..
    They are friends...

    Basically, its quite complicated..
    And, the most difficult time of a person comes when he/she has to chose one between,
    Love and Friendship...

    (To Be continued...)

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    I AM BACK...!!!

    Hey guys,
    I am back..!!!

    You must be wondering, what he is talking about..??
    Well, I was out of the town since last Saturday...

    So, no updates, no replies to your comments and nothing else...!!!

    And, why I did not inform you about it, was because the day I was going, the day I was going to post about it, my internet connection let me down.
    And no matter how much I tried, it was to no avail...

    But not to worry now,
    I am back and would be blogging again..
    I am back just like sun's rays every morning...
    So, you can look forward to good posts very soon...

    And it seems a lot has happened when I was not here...

    DCE results are out...
    And the cut-offs have been the least expected...
    India have been knocked out of the T20 championship...
    e.t.c. e.t.c.

    But, thats what something has happened...
    Now, we would look to the things coming up...

    And the regular flow of posts would start coming up very soon...

    Friday, June 5, 2009

    Memories & Beyond...

    Well, it is actually time since I promised you frequent writings on Memories & Beyond...
    But, as it goes,
    Better late than never...

    SO, here I am with my first Memories...

    I though I would start with some of my school, my first prize, or may be even first slap...
    But seeing the college rush nowadays, I decided upon one of the most memorable outing I ever had with my friends..

    It was around this time last year, and we were done with schools...
    And, it was the hunt for the holy grail...


    The college of our dreams...
    And we all decided to move to the North Campus area, of Delhi University (DU), and see what all we can get...

    I don't know about the colleges we went to, the info we seek of various courses, or checked out various provisions that could help us with an admission in one of the colleges.

    But, what I remember, and something I would never forget was the time I spent there with my best friends, without caring for anyone, or for anything..
    That time is more valuable to me than anything, and would give anything to live that moment for one more time..

    We had a blast of time there, with going to different colleges, roaming around, taking rickshaws to various places...
    Sitting in McDonald, some 10 of us with just a coffee...
    And chatting there, playing Truth & Dare and other games...

    It was a heck of time, and now, I just wish we meet again soon...
    Though, this time I think we would go to CCD, Cafe Coffee Day...!!

    Today, when I think of it, it makes me to sepia toned world, where I am longing to feel that moments again, live that time again and again...

    Someone rightly said,

    There are moments,
    there are chit-chats,
    And there are memories...
    We forget the moments, the chit-chats...
    And remember the memories...

    Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    Feast for eyes..

    As a reader, I really enjoy reading reading blogs, with a good design.
    A good design invites the reader to come again and again.
    Sometimes, it also acts as a compensation for not so good content... (Though, I believe, CONTENT is KING)

    But in these times of so many blogs, you generally come across not so good looking blogs..
    But if in all these blogs, you see a site which sweeps you off the floor, you have to consider yourself fortunate..!!!

    I recently wandered to web design and found one of such a site.

    logoRadkitten is a site owned and maintained by Amy, a professional website designer with more than 10 years of experience. She is more than fabulous in her job. And I tell you, if I had money, I would have asked her to do a revamp for my blog, I SAY WHAT I FEEL...

    She also shares many a tips ranging from Photoshop to WordPress, ans also shares with us her designs, and even offers some freebies.

    I loved it, and really hope to get my blog designed by Any from Radkitten...

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    India's Largest Financial & Business Blog

    This is one of very few blogs that I came across that genuinely is dedicated to Finance and Business.
    marketoutbox.com gives complete information about the results of various companies.
    It shares the lows and highs of the company in such a way, that you find it interesting to read.

    Also it offer various tips on how to invest your hard earned money.
    The blog has specialized sectors on

    • Business
    • General 
    • Sector Review
    • Stock Picks
    • Warren Buffet
    It deals with every topic in detail and could be taken as one's place to dig out any finance or business related information.

    I personally founded the Stock Picks option very useful. As it gives you honest reviews on various blogs. And checking it I found out most of the information is accurate.

    This blog also has a no nonsense look, which adds to the sincerity of the blog, making it look more genuine, and to top it all, it is that genuine.

    Hope, you will check it out...


    Is Ferrari back..??

    This season has been no less than a nightmare for Ferrari.
    After six races, the Ferrari drivers stand at 8th and 10th.
    Not only this, they too stand at fourth inconstructor championship with Brawn GP leading them with 69 points.

    And to add to their misery, they have been involved in many controversies, with their may be exclusion from season 2010 heading the pack.

    May be their car don't holds a good position in front of Brawn or Toyota, but they have not done any good to themselves by showing, which can only be said erratic, behavior in the pits.
    Sometimes, taking lot of time changing the tires, and sometimes doing things, which only they know..

    But in last race at Monaco, they showed some resilience...
    They had their first podium finish of the season, and finished three four.
    Though it still could be different if Kimi had a better second pit stop, but still it was a third finish for him..

    And now, heading to Turkish grand prix, they must have set their hopes high, knowing that it's a favorite hunting crowd for Massa..
    And they had a one three finish last year..

    Let's see,
    what happens..

    My wishes are with them...
    And I hope they show a superb show...