Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feast for eyes..

As a reader, I really enjoy reading reading blogs, with a good design.
A good design invites the reader to come again and again.
Sometimes, it also acts as a compensation for not so good content... (Though, I believe, CONTENT is KING)

But in these times of so many blogs, you generally come across not so good looking blogs..
But if in all these blogs, you see a site which sweeps you off the floor, you have to consider yourself fortunate..!!!

I recently wandered to web design and found one of such a site.

logoRadkitten is a site owned and maintained by Amy, a professional website designer with more than 10 years of experience. She is more than fabulous in her job. And I tell you, if I had money, I would have asked her to do a revamp for my blog, I SAY WHAT I FEEL...

She also shares many a tips ranging from Photoshop to WordPress, ans also shares with us her designs, and even offers some freebies.

I loved it, and really hope to get my blog designed by Any from Radkitten...