Tuesday, June 2, 2009

India's Largest Financial & Business Blog

This is one of very few blogs that I came across that genuinely is dedicated to Finance and Business.
marketoutbox.com gives complete information about the results of various companies.
It shares the lows and highs of the company in such a way, that you find it interesting to read.

Also it offer various tips on how to invest your hard earned money.
The blog has specialized sectors on

  • Business
  • General 
  • Sector Review
  • Stock Picks
  • Warren Buffet
It deals with every topic in detail and could be taken as one's place to dig out any finance or business related information.

I personally founded the Stock Picks option very useful. As it gives you honest reviews on various blogs. And checking it I found out most of the information is accurate.

This blog also has a no nonsense look, which adds to the sincerity of the blog, making it look more genuine, and to top it all, it is that genuine.

Hope, you will check it out...