Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is Ferrari back..??

This season has been no less than a nightmare for Ferrari.
After six races, the Ferrari drivers stand at 8th and 10th.
Not only this, they too stand at fourth inconstructor championship with Brawn GP leading them with 69 points.

And to add to their misery, they have been involved in many controversies, with their may be exclusion from season 2010 heading the pack.

May be their car don't holds a good position in front of Brawn or Toyota, but they have not done any good to themselves by showing, which can only be said erratic, behavior in the pits.
Sometimes, taking lot of time changing the tires, and sometimes doing things, which only they know..

But in last race at Monaco, they showed some resilience...
They had their first podium finish of the season, and finished three four.
Though it still could be different if Kimi had a better second pit stop, but still it was a third finish for him..

And now, heading to Turkish grand prix, they must have set their hopes high, knowing that it's a favorite hunting crowd for Massa..
And they had a one three finish last year..

Let's see,
what happens..

My wishes are with them...
And I hope they show a superb show...

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