Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of the most important blogging tip...

What am just going to tell you is one of the most important thing. Something that you must remember by heart if you seriously want to be successful as a blogger.
If you aim to make serious money as a blogger, or want to take blogging as a career, and plan to go full time blogging,
you must follow this.
You must remember this.

What am going to tell you could be the difference why you are not able to make blogging a success.

It is, don't make a bad post.

Yes, that's it. If you are new into this, then you don't have the luxury of making a bad post. You have to be up there in all of your posts. 

Well, at least till the time, you are not in the same league as John Chow or Darren Rowse.
They now after so much of hard work, after proving themselves as the winners, after earning dollars and dollars, they even earned that luxury. Though all of their posts are up to the notch, but still if they do a bad post, it would not matter to them. Readers, bloggers, people who want to earn money through blogging would go to their site for sure. No matter, if its not a good post, and they don't have anything in their mind to make a comment, they would do that. 
Because, they want to be the first commentator on any post as they want to get noticed. And they are right, like them, many other would come to the site, and would read the post and would agree with that and follow it (no matter, if it says don't label your posts...!!!).
And why not..??
They are the people making their living through blogging and not us.
So, that's the reason they can do the mistake of making a bad post.

So, where it leaves us..??
No bad posts till we reach that level...!!!

Why making a single bad post could destroy your chances of making it big??

First of all, I don't say it would finish all your chances, but yes would send you many steps back.

Suppose there is a person who came to your blog recently and loved your last post.
He thinks you as a great source of information. And decides to come back again.
And this tine, you publishes a not so good post.
And when he visits again, he is disappointed and leaves the blog to never return again.

But there's a possibility, that he subscribed to your blog, and your next post again wins his heart, and he becomes an avid reader of your of your blog, comments regularly.
After sometime, he recommends one of his friend to check your blog, and by coincidence you didn't have much time to update, so you just published a not so good post.
And the new visitor don't find it at all interesting, so he leaves.
He tells it to the recommender, and he decides never to recommend your blog to anyone else.

So, instead of making a new reader, you lost many potential readers.
That's the power of a bad post.

So, what to do..??
Generally, a bad post is done when the author has not much time.
So, at this time, it's better to not to post at all, instead of making a post that's not well researched, that don't matches the high standards you set for yourself.

Sometimes, you don't have anything to write about..
Then, what to do..??
The same thing, don't blog...
This would make your regular reader curious about you..??
They would be flooding your mail box, your comments section, that why are not you blogging..?? And could even make them to go through the archives.
And, this would also give you something to blog about.

So, in this way, a bad post could be prevented, and help you instead to make a very good post.
Next time, before making a post,
ask yourself..??

Would you come back to a blog, if you read this post on some other blog..??
And, there would be your answer...!!!


  1. Hi Saurabh, nice to meet you. I came to your blog through John Chow's blog. Totally agree with this tip, especially when we are amateur bloggers and we're looking for new readers. Every post we write will determine the future of our blogs. If we make one simple mistake, then all our efforts can be thrown down the trash in just one second.
    I'll sure be back Saurabh :)

  2. Absolutely right.
    You need to be consistent with the quality.


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