Friday, June 19, 2009

Shiney Ahuja - Hero or Villian..??

A lot has been said about the Bollywood Actor Shiney Ahuja recently. Him being accused of raping his maidservant has thrown him from Page 3 to Page 1 headlines...
Now, weather he is innocent or not, he knows it or the maid, and we can only wait and watch.

Let us just have a look on the developments in the case till now...

At first, he is arrested on being accused by maid.

  • Then medical tests and other reports comes in favor of the maid.
  • And even police says, They have enough proofs against Shiney.
  • And also comes the reports claiming that Shiney has been saying in the ivestigations that he is sorry, he committed a mistake.
  • Enters Anupam, Shiney's wife and claims that her husband can't do such a thing and he is innocent. She faces the media without any fear and gives a twist to the case by saying that A woman can commit a rape too...
  • Various theories come up, saying Servant's boyfriend was in debt, so she is just blackmailing Shiney. He is a star so being framed.. etc. etc.
  • Then maid's father claims that they have been taken advantage of as they are poor. and further claims that he would commit suicide if truth does not come out, which according to him is that Shiney should be punished according to the laws.
  • And, Shiney's remand increases and the hearing of the case in court is awaited.
In all these things, one tend to forget that the maid also claimed that before her being raped on Sunday, Shiney had made advances towards her on Saturday afternoon but she resisted him.
So, this makes me wonder why any girl would go again to that place where she is already been harassed.

I am not saying, Shiney is innocent or something, but one's mind does tend to think that Shiney is being framed after thinking on these terms...
Also, as the thing goes that Shiney has said that he is guilty, that could just be under psychological pressure of police investigation. Anything could have happened..
There's a possibility too that he committed the sin, and is now regretting it.
But whatever happens, even if he is innocent, this would dent his image on Bollywood, and his career could well be finished, unless a massive sympathy wave goes for him and he becomes a superstar overnight.
And, if he is guilty, I just wanna ask him, WHY..??
Why he did that..??
With a wife, who is claiming you can't do such a thing...
With so many fans saying you are just being framed...
Why you did that..??
Just WHY..??

SO, here I rest my case, and the court's verdict is awaited...

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