Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tweeting Money..!!

Early Signup

Enough of Making Money Online,
Today, I present you with a new phrase, coined by me, Tweeting Money..!!

It's not something new or unheard of.
But still, for someone who is new to twitter or new to make money online, it's all about making money while you tweet.

How does this work..??
It's similar to sponsored posts. It's just instead of some 500 words post, you would just be tweeting 140 characters..!! Which would include the ad, and which is generally CPC, cost per click, and you make money for that click.
You are also paid for just showing ads, depending on how many followers you have.

And, in this age of 'social media', it holds the potential to be one of the major source of your online income.
So, go and start Tweeting Money..!!

But, how do you aim to that..??
There are number of advertising platforms that provide you with monetizing your tweets.
There is, which is quite popular among general tweeters.

But, very soon, there is going to be a major explosion in this market as enters the Big Brother, IZEA.
IZEA with its experience of payperpost, socialspark would revolutionize this market.

They have already launched a new, better with a great user interface version of PayPerPost v4.0, and now are going to launch sponsored tweets, the place where you would be tweeting money..!!

Early Signup

The launch of sponsored tweets is eagerly awaited by the market and tweeters and it is being predicted the launch is closer than one can imagine.
It is being said about sponsored tweets that it would allow advertisers and tweeters to connect in more personal way. And, what's good is that tweeters will have a full control over what they would be tweeting. They would be able to set the right price for themselves and could even select advertisers who they want to advertise about..!!
It's not opened for advertisers yet and only twitters have been given the opportunity to sign up.
And, it is your chance to get a head start.

Some Other Updates
You would have already seen the change in URL, instead of usual,, it is Yes, it's right. Finally, I have bought the domain.
But still, there are some problems like is not being redirected to etc., which need to be rectified. It would be done very soon, and in this am being helped by a friend, Naman.

Also, due to some technical fault, my blog list is erased, so if your blog was their in my blog, please let me know, and I would be happy to add it back.
Also, I request you to change the link to my blog now from to

I SAY WHAT I FEEL, is being edited every day and new and new things are being experimented for the betterment. Many a changes are in the pipeline, and if they seems to be nice and promising, they would see the light of day very soon.

Till then, keep Tweeting Money..!!

Early Signup

Monday, July 27, 2009


IZEA, the social media marketing company and the world leader in sponsored conversations is organizing IZEAFest 2009, an interactive event designed to educate, inform and connect social media enthusiasts.
It's one of the most sought after event for the bloggers around the world. It means a lot of fun, tonnes of new networks, friends and unlimited opportunities for your blog.

You want to go..??
Oh! yes, but don't have a ticket..
Here's your opportunity..

Go To IZEAFEST 2009IZEA Insider Drew Bennett (aka BenSpark) is crew leader of the "I'm Not A Famous Blogger" Crew and he has created the "I'm Not A Famous Blogger" Blog to spotlight all the latest IZEA info as well as crew members. Crew members are invited to participate in crew interviews. Spotlighting bloggers on the crew is the main objective of this blog and who better to spotlight a blogger than the bloggers themselves. Each interview gives a unique perspective on the challenges and accomplishments of the members of the "I'm Not A Famous Blogger" IZEA Insider Crew.

BenSpark is also trying to help his crew by creating unique opportunities on SocialSpark including the latest, a SocialSpark CPC opp for his Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest. This opportunity is only open to members of the "I'm Not A Famous Blogger" IZEA Insider Crew.

If you would like to go to IZEAFest this year but you don't have a ticket, why not win one. "I'm Not A Famous Blogger" IZEA Insider Crew Leader BenSpark has three passes to give away. Not satisfied with only giving away passes he's recruited sponsors to give away even more. Three people will win IZEAFest passes but one very lucky blogger is going to win The Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack.

BenSpark teamed up with many of his favorite sponsors and bloggers to gather many of the 10 essential items for IZEAFest to put into a very special prize pack. The prizes range from an xshot camera extender to an Asus Eee PC 1000HA. However, Runner up winners will also get prize packs of their own.

The biggest prize of course is the IZEAFest ticket itself. With this pass the blogger is going to get more than they can imagine. This includes a welcome party at Busch Gardens to a blogger takeover day at SeaWorld, all included in the ticket. But also you will be part of a very intimate gathering of bloggers, the number of attendees is limited to 300 so this is pretty exclusive. You will more likely be able to chat with speakers like Brian Clark (copyblogger), Chris Brogan and even IZEA CEO Ted Murphy in a setting like this than any other blogger conference all year.

Go and grab the opportunity..
You may never get a better chance,
And knowing BenSpark for a little time now,
can guarantee you that it's worth a try..!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I SAY WHAT I FEEL turns ONE..!!! & some update..

Long long time back...
In a land far away...
There named a chap called 'Jammy', who used to wander around and speaking his heart out.
But as the rule of world goes, nobody was ready to hear hos true comments. As truth is always bitter.
He never said, he spoke truth, but only what he felt. He said what he felt.
He didn't know, how to manipulate things. He just used to say his heart out.

But, with time, people changes, if not world changes them...
Same happened with him...

He was wounded again and again on every corner of the road.
He witnessed, people changing their opinion in a flash.
He came in contact with a world full of lies and show offs.
In short, he saw the truth of this insecure, full of hatred world.
And, he saw hypocrites everywhere.
And then he turned into one..
He became one of those selfish people who just said things what people wanna hear.
He just saw, what good will a particular thing would bring to him.
It looked like, he just lost contact with himself.
The 'Jammy' people knew was lost...!!

Days passed by...
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into years..
Nothing changed..
It looked like, the good old jammy was lost forever..

But, then one day,
Jammy came across a quote..

Transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness.

And, then there was a flashback..
A journey through the times..
A voyage that lead to the awakening..
He remembered what he was..?? 
What he had become..??

And, then he took a pledge to be what he is actually..
To rekindle himself, to not to manipulate..
but be original. And keep his induviduality. 

And, he came up with the term, I Say What I Feel.
And, on 22nd July 2008, I SAY WHAT I FEEL was born.
Though it was born now, but Jammy recognized the need to work with himself first before coming in front of the world. He started that.
And in Jan 2009, he started with I SAY WHAT I FEEL..
And, this 22nd it completed its 1st officially anniversary..


Though there would be no celebrations, it would be done in next Jan.

Some Updates...
There was quite a halt between my last post and this one. 
It was due to complete some promises I made to myself.
And, completing these promises made me realize, how much I was requiring this little break.
In between, I read some books. Had a chance to meet some friends after a long time. And many thing else.
And the regular flow of post would start very soon.
Also, wanted to tell you that I have decided upon the domain name,
and soon would change into
Why change??
As i mentioned in my last post, Making The Move: Starting The Blog
And also, change is the law of nature..!!

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making The Move: Starting The Blog

This post is the post #2 in series Making The Move.
You can read the first part of series at Making The Move: Do you have it in you ?.

You have decided to take blogging as a career.
You have that X-factor required to be the problogger.
And you have decided your niche too.
And now, you must be wondering am I ever going to let you start a blog.
Don't worry,
now it's the time to finally start a blog.

Hey wait,
don't rush to start publishing right now.
Let me complete!!

So today you would be starting your new blog..
Best of Luck for that..
But don't commit the mistakes I committed. And follow some rules that don't promise to make your blog popular overnight but would prevent it from falling like in free space for sure..

  1. Buy a domain at least: This was my biggest mistake as a blogger. I started blogging with a free domain name and free hosting. Though I love blog*spot, but still it was a grave mistake. Why?? Think it as you start a blog, got some avid followers, your blog starts to get indexed by major search engines, the blog gets a good Google page rank, a nice Alexa rank, and then you see you are not taken as seriously because of free domain. So you buy a new domain name and everything vanishes. Though your followers would know about it and would continue coming to your blog, but all your search engine traffic has gone. Could it get any bad ?? So, if you don't intend to buy your own hosting, you must at least buy your own domain name.
  2. Content is King: As I said before, content is king. Don't think that if you are a new blogger, you could get away with mediocre content. If you desire to be a problogger, then remember that you need to produce great content from post number one.
  3. Follow Blogs in Your Niche: Follow blogs in your own niche and try to learn how thy go away with their businesses. Be a regular visitor and comment. Let them know about you and your blog. Let them feel that you are one of a valuable reader of their blogs. This would not only help you with your next steps as a blogger, but also would provide you with much needed and valuable traffic.
  4. Take Criticism in Stride: If you are criticized, then don't feel bad about it. If it's constructive, try to learn and improve in next blog. If not and you think it is not justified then believe me, its because you are going in the right direction, and someone does not like your success. You are getting popular.
  5. Multiple Role: When you begin, you would be the designer, the marketeer, the strategist, the financier and yes, the author. So, don't get put-off by all these works. Trust me, you would enjoy all these stuff. And would rejoice them even more once you could outsource these services.
  6. Where's The Money: Don't rush for the money. It would come in its own pace. Just concentrate on publishing high quality content and building the brand name of your blog. Don't go and sign up for all those advertising network. You would be rewarded with nothing but a reply where it would be said, we can't accept your blog in our marketplace now.
  7. Last But Not The Least: So, you have got your blog running on your own domain name, you are publishing great content, are participating in various other blogs of your niche, and have taken up all the roles required quite efficiently. What else ?? Read this carefully. It could make or break your blog. Don't let go your reader. If someone had come to your blog and had left a comment, then don't let go off that person. Check their blogs regularly. Comment on them. By hook or crook, make sure that person comes again and again on you blog.
Now when you have ready and have remembered these rules by heart, you can officially start your blog.
But remember,

A Successful Blogger is not some superhero, He don't have any brilliant flashes, or any spectacular recognition of what would be successful and what not. He is a simple human as you or me, who have slogged it hard, committed lot of mistakes, but never lost hope and kept working and by mistake made just one good decision and that changed it all...!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sucess would come eventually

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

This April, I made a post, about a society me and my friends are trying to create in our college, NIEC. And, despite all our efforts, despite whatever we do, we were not able to actually bring the society into existence. And, for all the troubles, for all the hardships I thought GOD is the reason behind it.

And, I blamed him, as could be seen in my post. But, I promised him that whatever he do, no matter how many hurdles he put in our way, but one day, we would have our society, we would bring our society into existence.

And today, after months of hard work, months of our hopes being thrashed, many a moments when we felt we would not be able to succeed, many a times when we felt it's over and we had our back at the walls, today we have achieved it. We have got the approval for our society. Today our work paid off.

15th July 2009, marks a new beginning.
And may be I was all after god, for not letting us attain what we want, but today I want to thank him.
It would have never been possible without his support.

Whenever we were on a low, he some how or other filled us with new excitement. Sometimes, by letting us come across some great quote. Or by letting us know of some person who stood again and again after falling, and reaching where no one was ever able to reach.
God, thank you.

Also, I would like to thank my friends, without their support, it would not have been possible.

For Bloggers
So, that was my experience. But what I want you to know is, despite failing many a times, at last, we were able to succeed. Similar is the case with Blogging. Though we may fail many a times, but if we keep on trying, we would succeed.
So, whatever happens, keep clinging there, may be your next post is the one that changes it all.

Persistence is the key...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Make The Move: Do you have it in you ?

Recently, I told you about how today blogging is becoming the most sought after career.
And, though it looks easy, but it is a far cry from it.

Also, I asked you to ask yourself, are you ready to step into the big league..?
Do you want to be a problogger..?
Is Blogging a career for you..?

And if the answer to the question is yes, you must read it very carefully..

How we start..?
This is the question I have came across thousands of times.
People are always confused about from where to start.
Though, there is no predefined rule or something, but following some rules can help you to attain a head start.

But before, I dwell deep onto this; I want you to ask yourself,
It's easy to get all excited after reading many rags to riches story, and how blogging played an important part in it. And, suddenly you find yourself, sitting in front of your computers, starting a new blog.
I am not saying there's something wrong in it.

But, that would not make you a success story.
You need to be consistent, and provide good content.
And you know what, and then also there is no guarantee to success. As I said earlier, in blogging there are no guarantees.

So, what to do?
Ask yourself, DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU...?
What answer did you get a yes..?
Let's check it out then.

There are four basic things, on which you should grade yourself. And at the end of it, we would see,

A blogger, (from now on, by blogger I refer to problogger, who have taken up blogging as a career, or are thinking to do so in near future), need to have a proper knowledge. Starting from what s/he is going to blog about to who all are blogging in the field s/he has decided to blog to who all are already successfully blogging in that niche.
S/He should have a proper outcome-based approach in his mind if s/he dreams to make it big.
Though, knowledge is not everything but without it, you should not even think about writing a success story.

Apart from acquiring perfect knowledge, one should also have the vision. It's not about what's happening around in your niche, but what waits in the future. And, the blogger should must have a clear vision in his mind. Otherwise trying hand at various fields would leave you with no other option than to pack your bags.

This is the one you must have heard a lot of times, and now know it by heart. If only you are passionate about blogging than only you could taste the success. I would not speak much about it, but would like to remind you of a quote...

Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night.

One thing you should remember is that, there are no instant successes in blogging. (Agreed, there are some, but they are very few and rare) So, if you want to succeed, if you want to know how it feels at the top, you want to look the world from the eyes of a winner, you need to be persistent. There has to be a will to succeed.
Even when all odds are stacked against you, you have to remain there, and just go on with your work.
And, in the end, you can only hope to win if you are in the competition.

So, that sums it all, if you have the required knowledge, got a proper vision of what you are going to blog about, are really passionate about it and have a will to succeed, you can say that,


Friday, July 10, 2009

My Blog has a question. Any answers..??

Today, when I was trying to log into my account,
I came to an unexpected page...

It was all white,
First it looked to me that, I have logged into God's account...
Then, I just wondered, is something like 'BRUCE ALMIGHTY' happening to me...
Or, just God want to have a chat with me..??

What's happening..??

Then, a window popped up...
Now, I was quite certain, its GOD..

But, what was puzzling me was, it had 'I SAY WHAT I FEEL' mentioned on it..
So, it looked to me, may be God is contacting me through my blog only..

And then,
a shoe came out on screen...
And it said that,

"It's not GOD, but me... Your blog.. Could you remember..?? Or need a kick..??".

And it was looking to me that finally I have lost it, and need more than a little break.
But, when my blog again repeated the words...

"It's me; I SAY WHAT I FEEL..."

I thanked GOD that I am alright...
But now was even more puzzled.
And, was just wondering, "Is my blog talking to me..?"
And then it spoke,

"Hey Jammy, I know you must be feeling a little awkward, seeing your blog talking to you. But believe me, you left me with no option. I have to take special permissions from ' WEB 2.0 ', to come here and talk to you.

I was looking myself, when it occurred to me,

I started as a personal blog, which is now inclined towards a blog about blogging. I just can't help but wonder, what's next..??
A cooking blog..??
Or, A political blog..?? "

Though this question of his left me shaken, but thinking 'I SAY WHAT I FEEL' as a cooking blog made me laugh like mad, and making my blog more angry. It continued...

"There is nothing in it to laugh. I am really troubled. My counter parts seem to make a fun of me. Jammy, I know you are in process to be an engineer,
And, I find it a little amusing to know that you have posted just a single post on Tech.

I humbly request you to help me with my future, and answer the question which has been troubling me for a long time now,

I hope you would understand my condition, and would try to solve my queries.
So, think and answer,

Though, you may not find it fair, but am not going to allow you to log in, before you answer my question,

After hearing all this, I seriously was amazed by what am I doing. So, I thought and thought, what to do..?? And, where is my blog heading..??
And, what's next ?? (A cooking blog..?? Ha ha..!!)
And, then I remembered a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt,

'When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.'

So, I gave an explanation to my blog,
"Thank you for giving me a wakeup call, I am extremely sorry for what happened, but promise you that things would be better. Let me log in now, and each and every query of you would be solved. And you would be very happy with the outcome. But before that, let me log in. Please..."

But I was responded with a stern NO.
But after saying sorry again and again, and explaining the things to him, though it agreed to let me log in, but only after a 5 hour penalty.

So, here I am telling you all what happened.

I also owe you an explanation to you, my readers.
Am extremely sorry,
And, am thankful to you for supporting me despite all the mismanagement.

Now, how would the blog is handled from now on..??
Where would it head..??
What's the future course of the blog..??

A blog about blogging..?? A personal blog..?? A photo blog..?? Or, A cooking blog..??!!

After having my mind kicked by each and every corner of my head, I finally decided on some things.

  1. It would be a blog about blogging which would also have a section on tech things, (Common, I am going to be an engineer..!), and some rare updates on my life, or something I feel very strongly about.
  2. It would aim to reach to more and more audience.
  3. As you could see two sponsor's banner on the top right corner, it would continue to sponsor things. And if there is change of heart could again jump into Ad networks.
  4. Also, it would like to explore the affiliate market.
  5. Last but not the least; it would continue to provide you with the best tips to be a problogger, if you have decided to be one.
And there would be many other things.

For now, also I am planning to buy a domain name, so please suggest with one,

C.) Any other...

If you have any other suggestion, I would be more than happy to know...
So, pour in with your suggestions...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Contest @ &

This is a post about a contest running on currently...

Hey guys, today I’m going to throw the first and contest for the chance to win $25 or $50Hiburrito $50 practically doing nothing at all.
In this contest anyone can participate, bloggers or no bloggers. The difference is that bloggers will have the chance to win $50 and no bloggers $25.
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Payment: The prize will be paid August 1st through Paypal.
These are the rules:
1) For Bloggers: Prize $50
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STATS: You can see how your WOP is doing in “This Month’s Best WOPS”.
UPDATE: Every Friday I’m going to write a post to update who is winning. In this post I’m going to publish randomly a contestant’s WOP as a bonus.
YOUR TOPIC: If you’re a blogger then this is where you’re going to write about the topic you want. (See Rule C)
So, my simple question is..
Who is better with making money online tips..??
A) John Chow
B) Problogger
C) Any other (If any other, please mention...)

If you can't see the poll below, vote here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Design Products Contest

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blogging as a Career..??

I know it has been quite a time since I posted last.
But I didn't want to post just anything.
So, here I have come up with a brief intro on taking blogging as a career.
For all you potential probloggers, 
what you really need to know is-
  1. It is not an easy field to choose as a career. The competition is tougher than getting an admission into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 
  2. The investments are huge...!! You must be hearing this one for the first time, but it is the truth. People generally tend to forget the investments they need to put up before deciding upon to turn professional bloggers. Agreed, you don't need much of monetarily investment. But you have to invest your time.
  3. You would be having the luxury to work whenever you like, and would not be responsible to anyone or would not be required to meet some deadline. But before you become one of the probloggers,  you need to try to be the first one to break a new story, first one to tell the world about that revolutionary way, which has just been found, which could be the key to live life dot com style. 
  4. The gains are not guaranteed. This is one of the biggest roadblock one have to face in his/her path to become a problogger. There are just no guarantees you may earn thousand of dollars one month and the next day, you even don't make a cent. (I know, that's exaggerated!! But it's a possibility. How?? Suppose, your server gets down!!). So it carries a lot more risk rather than a regular 9 to 5 job. But as the saying goes, "The greatest risk in life, is not to take one at all.".

So, if you still think you want to take blogging up as a career, then I really appreciate your courage and determination.
And promise you that if you keep on doing the right things with the same determination, then you would be one of the success stories in this ever demanding field. 

But now the question arises, HOW TO START??

Believe me, this is one of the biggest mystery and only you know the answer..!! 
Confused ??

Though there is not a particular method which one should follow, but there have many a technique which many a probloggers suggest.
Some say one should start with a hefty contest,
Some recommend starting with a paid review on some established blog,
Some even advocate starting with a know- all attitude.

And, trust me, all these schemes could prove to be your 'success mantra'.

But which one would be it or would it be any of these depends on you, and only you...

But there is one thing that you have to do if you aim to enter that top league, if you aim you to be a problogger, if you aim to be right there at the top...

It's the toughest objective you have to complete to achieve your goals and objectives..!!
And it is..


Yes, starting with it is the biggest hurdle, and once you crosses this, it would be comparatively easy!!
So, make the move, and you never know where you end up..!!

I would be posting very soon about


In the meanwhile, 
you can follow me on twitter, sign up for RSS update through mail to keep yourself updated.