Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blogging as a Career..??

I know it has been quite a time since I posted last.
But I didn't want to post just anything.
So, here I have come up with a brief intro on taking blogging as a career.
For all you potential probloggers, 
what you really need to know is-
  1. It is not an easy field to choose as a career. The competition is tougher than getting an admission into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 
  2. The investments are huge...!! You must be hearing this one for the first time, but it is the truth. People generally tend to forget the investments they need to put up before deciding upon to turn professional bloggers. Agreed, you don't need much of monetarily investment. But you have to invest your time.
  3. You would be having the luxury to work whenever you like, and would not be responsible to anyone or would not be required to meet some deadline. But before you become one of the probloggers,  you need to try to be the first one to break a new story, first one to tell the world about that revolutionary way, which has just been found, which could be the key to live life dot com style. 
  4. The gains are not guaranteed. This is one of the biggest roadblock one have to face in his/her path to become a problogger. There are just no guarantees you may earn thousand of dollars one month and the next day, you even don't make a cent. (I know, that's exaggerated!! But it's a possibility. How?? Suppose, your server gets down!!). So it carries a lot more risk rather than a regular 9 to 5 job. But as the saying goes, "The greatest risk in life, is not to take one at all.".

So, if you still think you want to take blogging up as a career, then I really appreciate your courage and determination.
And promise you that if you keep on doing the right things with the same determination, then you would be one of the success stories in this ever demanding field. 

But now the question arises, HOW TO START??

Believe me, this is one of the biggest mystery and only you know the answer..!! 
Confused ??

Though there is not a particular method which one should follow, but there have many a technique which many a probloggers suggest.
Some say one should start with a hefty contest,
Some recommend starting with a paid review on some established blog,
Some even advocate starting with a know- all attitude.

And, trust me, all these schemes could prove to be your 'success mantra'.

But which one would be it or would it be any of these depends on you, and only you...

But there is one thing that you have to do if you aim to enter that top league, if you aim you to be a problogger, if you aim to be right there at the top...

It's the toughest objective you have to complete to achieve your goals and objectives..!!
And it is..


Yes, starting with it is the biggest hurdle, and once you crosses this, it would be comparatively easy!!
So, make the move, and you never know where you end up..!!

I would be posting very soon about


In the meanwhile, 
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  1. Are you a full time blogger Saurabh? I mean, is it your only career? If o, I'm very interested to know how made that move.

  2. How I wish, I was a full time blogger..!!
    But, not to be so..

    I am pursuing an engineering degree!!

    But you does seem to me as a problogger,
    your posts on marketing are really great..
    And, I mean that.

  3. Just starting as a writer and plan to set up a blog this week. Brand new at this! Cannot decide whether to start with blogger or Wordpress. Can anyone give me their opinion on where to begin?
    (url is for my Examiner.com page. no blog page yet)

  4. Hey,
    What you opt for, Blogger or facebook..??
    Depends on a lot of factors.

    Are you buying hosting or not ?
    Are you seriously stepping into it or just a time-pass..??
    What's your aim behind this ?? Etc. Etc..

    If you help me with these, I would be able to help you.


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