Friday, July 24, 2009

I SAY WHAT I FEEL turns ONE..!!! & some update..

Long long time back...
In a land far away...
There named a chap called 'Jammy', who used to wander around and speaking his heart out.
But as the rule of world goes, nobody was ready to hear hos true comments. As truth is always bitter.
He never said, he spoke truth, but only what he felt. He said what he felt.
He didn't know, how to manipulate things. He just used to say his heart out.

But, with time, people changes, if not world changes them...
Same happened with him...

He was wounded again and again on every corner of the road.
He witnessed, people changing their opinion in a flash.
He came in contact with a world full of lies and show offs.
In short, he saw the truth of this insecure, full of hatred world.
And, he saw hypocrites everywhere.
And then he turned into one..
He became one of those selfish people who just said things what people wanna hear.
He just saw, what good will a particular thing would bring to him.
It looked like, he just lost contact with himself.
The 'Jammy' people knew was lost...!!

Days passed by...
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into years..
Nothing changed..
It looked like, the good old jammy was lost forever..

But, then one day,
Jammy came across a quote..

Transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness.

And, then there was a flashback..
A journey through the times..
A voyage that lead to the awakening..
He remembered what he was..?? 
What he had become..??

And, then he took a pledge to be what he is actually..
To rekindle himself, to not to manipulate..
but be original. And keep his induviduality. 

And, he came up with the term, I Say What I Feel.
And, on 22nd July 2008, I SAY WHAT I FEEL was born.
Though it was born now, but Jammy recognized the need to work with himself first before coming in front of the world. He started that.
And in Jan 2009, he started with I SAY WHAT I FEEL..
And, this 22nd it completed its 1st officially anniversary..


Though there would be no celebrations, it would be done in next Jan.

Some Updates...
There was quite a halt between my last post and this one. 
It was due to complete some promises I made to myself.
And, completing these promises made me realize, how much I was requiring this little break.
In between, I read some books. Had a chance to meet some friends after a long time. And many thing else.
And the regular flow of post would start very soon.
Also, wanted to tell you that I have decided upon the domain name,
and soon would change into
Why change??
As i mentioned in my last post, Making The Move: Starting The Blog
And also, change is the law of nature..!!

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change


  1. Jammy,

    Nice poem! :P Congragulations on you & your blogs 1 year mark. Many bloggers don't make it this far, so you've made a real big achievment. Keep up the good work.

  2. @Gooroo,
    Thanks for the encouraging words..

  3. I like this quote :
    It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change

    Every success, every failure begin with action or respond to the environment

  4. congratulations to you :) I read your response on my comment at your Starting The Blog. Sorry for not give you allan liew or steve fake jobs link because I think will not be polite to leave link on other blog comment without permittion. So you can go to google and type the words "Make Money Online" you will find Allan Liew blog, maybe his blog at 1 or 2 search result on Allan liew "advertise here" and check his advertiser is full. He is making 4 figure $ from direct ads plus adsense by using blogspot and free template. Hope you get positive spirit and motivation from him. So once again domain will not be the problem at all :)

  5. @Fatin Yeah, we need to learn with the constant changes..!!


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