Sunday, July 12, 2009

Make The Move: Do you have it in you ?

Recently, I told you about how today blogging is becoming the most sought after career.
And, though it looks easy, but it is a far cry from it.

Also, I asked you to ask yourself, are you ready to step into the big league..?
Do you want to be a problogger..?
Is Blogging a career for you..?

And if the answer to the question is yes, you must read it very carefully..

How we start..?
This is the question I have came across thousands of times.
People are always confused about from where to start.
Though, there is no predefined rule or something, but following some rules can help you to attain a head start.

But before, I dwell deep onto this; I want you to ask yourself,
It's easy to get all excited after reading many rags to riches story, and how blogging played an important part in it. And, suddenly you find yourself, sitting in front of your computers, starting a new blog.
I am not saying there's something wrong in it.

But, that would not make you a success story.
You need to be consistent, and provide good content.
And you know what, and then also there is no guarantee to success. As I said earlier, in blogging there are no guarantees.

So, what to do?
Ask yourself, DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU...?
What answer did you get a yes..?
Let's check it out then.

There are four basic things, on which you should grade yourself. And at the end of it, we would see,

A blogger, (from now on, by blogger I refer to problogger, who have taken up blogging as a career, or are thinking to do so in near future), need to have a proper knowledge. Starting from what s/he is going to blog about to who all are blogging in the field s/he has decided to blog to who all are already successfully blogging in that niche.
S/He should have a proper outcome-based approach in his mind if s/he dreams to make it big.
Though, knowledge is not everything but without it, you should not even think about writing a success story.

Apart from acquiring perfect knowledge, one should also have the vision. It's not about what's happening around in your niche, but what waits in the future. And, the blogger should must have a clear vision in his mind. Otherwise trying hand at various fields would leave you with no other option than to pack your bags.

This is the one you must have heard a lot of times, and now know it by heart. If only you are passionate about blogging than only you could taste the success. I would not speak much about it, but would like to remind you of a quote...

Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night.

One thing you should remember is that, there are no instant successes in blogging. (Agreed, there are some, but they are very few and rare) So, if you want to succeed, if you want to know how it feels at the top, you want to look the world from the eyes of a winner, you need to be persistent. There has to be a will to succeed.
Even when all odds are stacked against you, you have to remain there, and just go on with your work.
And, in the end, you can only hope to win if you are in the competition.

So, that sums it all, if you have the required knowledge, got a proper vision of what you are going to blog about, are really passionate about it and have a will to succeed, you can say that,