Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making The Move: Starting The Blog

This post is the post #2 in series Making The Move.
You can read the first part of series at Making The Move: Do you have it in you ?.

You have decided to take blogging as a career.
You have that X-factor required to be the problogger.
And you have decided your niche too.
And now, you must be wondering am I ever going to let you start a blog.
Don't worry,
now it's the time to finally start a blog.

Hey wait,
don't rush to start publishing right now.
Let me complete!!

So today you would be starting your new blog..
Best of Luck for that..
But don't commit the mistakes I committed. And follow some rules that don't promise to make your blog popular overnight but would prevent it from falling like in free space for sure..

  1. Buy a domain at least: This was my biggest mistake as a blogger. I started blogging with a free domain name and free hosting. Though I love blog*spot, but still it was a grave mistake. Why?? Think it as you start a blog, got some avid followers, your blog starts to get indexed by major search engines, the blog gets a good Google page rank, a nice Alexa rank, and then you see you are not taken as seriously because of free domain. So you buy a new domain name and everything vanishes. Though your followers would know about it and would continue coming to your blog, but all your search engine traffic has gone. Could it get any bad ?? So, if you don't intend to buy your own hosting, you must at least buy your own domain name.
  2. Content is King: As I said before, content is king. Don't think that if you are a new blogger, you could get away with mediocre content. If you desire to be a problogger, then remember that you need to produce great content from post number one.
  3. Follow Blogs in Your Niche: Follow blogs in your own niche and try to learn how thy go away with their businesses. Be a regular visitor and comment. Let them know about you and your blog. Let them feel that you are one of a valuable reader of their blogs. This would not only help you with your next steps as a blogger, but also would provide you with much needed and valuable traffic.
  4. Take Criticism in Stride: If you are criticized, then don't feel bad about it. If it's constructive, try to learn and improve in next blog. If not and you think it is not justified then believe me, its because you are going in the right direction, and someone does not like your success. You are getting popular.
  5. Multiple Role: When you begin, you would be the designer, the marketeer, the strategist, the financier and yes, the author. So, don't get put-off by all these works. Trust me, you would enjoy all these stuff. And would rejoice them even more once you could outsource these services.
  6. Where's The Money: Don't rush for the money. It would come in its own pace. Just concentrate on publishing high quality content and building the brand name of your blog. Don't go and sign up for all those advertising network. You would be rewarded with nothing but a reply where it would be said, we can't accept your blog in our marketplace now.
  7. Last But Not The Least: So, you have got your blog running on your own domain name, you are publishing great content, are participating in various other blogs of your niche, and have taken up all the roles required quite efficiently. What else ?? Read this carefully. It could make or break your blog. Don't let go your reader. If someone had come to your blog and had left a comment, then don't let go off that person. Check their blogs regularly. Comment on them. By hook or crook, make sure that person comes again and again on you blog.
Now when you have ready and have remembered these rules by heart, you can officially start your blog.
But remember,

A Successful Blogger is not some superhero, He don't have any brilliant flashes, or any spectacular recognition of what would be successful and what not. He is a simple human as you or me, who have slogged it hard, committed lot of mistakes, but never lost hope and kept working and by mistake made just one good decision and that changed it all...!!