Friday, July 10, 2009

My Blog has a question. Any answers..??

Today, when I was trying to log into my account,
I came to an unexpected page...

It was all white,
First it looked to me that, I have logged into God's account...
Then, I just wondered, is something like 'BRUCE ALMIGHTY' happening to me...
Or, just God want to have a chat with me..??

What's happening..??

Then, a window popped up...
Now, I was quite certain, its GOD..

But, what was puzzling me was, it had 'I SAY WHAT I FEEL' mentioned on it..
So, it looked to me, may be God is contacting me through my blog only..

And then,
a shoe came out on screen...
And it said that,

"It's not GOD, but me... Your blog.. Could you remember..?? Or need a kick..??".

And it was looking to me that finally I have lost it, and need more than a little break.
But, when my blog again repeated the words...

"It's me; I SAY WHAT I FEEL..."

I thanked GOD that I am alright...
But now was even more puzzled.
And, was just wondering, "Is my blog talking to me..?"
And then it spoke,

"Hey Jammy, I know you must be feeling a little awkward, seeing your blog talking to you. But believe me, you left me with no option. I have to take special permissions from ' WEB 2.0 ', to come here and talk to you.

I was looking myself, when it occurred to me,

I started as a personal blog, which is now inclined towards a blog about blogging. I just can't help but wonder, what's next..??
A cooking blog..??
Or, A political blog..?? "

Though this question of his left me shaken, but thinking 'I SAY WHAT I FEEL' as a cooking blog made me laugh like mad, and making my blog more angry. It continued...

"There is nothing in it to laugh. I am really troubled. My counter parts seem to make a fun of me. Jammy, I know you are in process to be an engineer,
And, I find it a little amusing to know that you have posted just a single post on Tech.

I humbly request you to help me with my future, and answer the question which has been troubling me for a long time now,

I hope you would understand my condition, and would try to solve my queries.
So, think and answer,

Though, you may not find it fair, but am not going to allow you to log in, before you answer my question,

After hearing all this, I seriously was amazed by what am I doing. So, I thought and thought, what to do..?? And, where is my blog heading..??
And, what's next ?? (A cooking blog..?? Ha ha..!!)
And, then I remembered a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt,

'When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.'

So, I gave an explanation to my blog,
"Thank you for giving me a wakeup call, I am extremely sorry for what happened, but promise you that things would be better. Let me log in now, and each and every query of you would be solved. And you would be very happy with the outcome. But before that, let me log in. Please..."

But I was responded with a stern NO.
But after saying sorry again and again, and explaining the things to him, though it agreed to let me log in, but only after a 5 hour penalty.

So, here I am telling you all what happened.

I also owe you an explanation to you, my readers.
Am extremely sorry,
And, am thankful to you for supporting me despite all the mismanagement.

Now, how would the blog is handled from now on..??
Where would it head..??
What's the future course of the blog..??

A blog about blogging..?? A personal blog..?? A photo blog..?? Or, A cooking blog..??!!

After having my mind kicked by each and every corner of my head, I finally decided on some things.

  1. It would be a blog about blogging which would also have a section on tech things, (Common, I am going to be an engineer..!), and some rare updates on my life, or something I feel very strongly about.
  2. It would aim to reach to more and more audience.
  3. As you could see two sponsor's banner on the top right corner, it would continue to sponsor things. And if there is change of heart could again jump into Ad networks.
  4. Also, it would like to explore the affiliate market.
  5. Last but not the least; it would continue to provide you with the best tips to be a problogger, if you have decided to be one.
And there would be many other things.

For now, also I am planning to buy a domain name, so please suggest with one,

C.) Any other...

If you have any other suggestion, I would be more than happy to know...
So, pour in with your suggestions...


  1. Thanks...
    But could you help me with a domain name..??

  2. jammyspeaks sounds cool........

  3. Thanks sudipto..

    I would include your suggestion for sure before finalizing the name.

  4. I like jammyspeaks,
    rest up to you

  5. Loved the way, you wrote about it.
    It looked that I am experiencing it.

    And i believe would be better.

  6. Thanks guys for your comments..

    Let's wait for other's review before taking a decision..

  7. Haha, a nice post.
    would be following the developments.

    To me, both looks good,
    but if have to decide one, would go for

  8. I support

  9. My blog spoke to me too!!

    I too go for

  10. So,
    Should I go for it..??

    Or something else..
    I am not in any hurry.


  12. It's ok. Just blog about anything you want. By the way, is the best choice =)


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