Friday, July 3, 2009

A new Life, A new beginning...

It's 18 years now..
It's 18 years since my first encounter with this materialistic world...
18 years since I was just a new born.

But still it looks like it was just yesterday when I first opened my eyes to the world.
I can still remember the day...

I was in my mom's arms and laughing...
(yeah, I was not crying..
 How do I know..?? Mom told me...)
But the sky was crying... It was raining cats and dogs... (again, Mom told me...)!!

But that was a thing of past.
Now, I am 18, no more a kid... (Why..??)
I am grown up.
Here I am, stepping into a new phase of my life.

Still don't get it..??
This 142nd canada's day, the First of July was my 18th Birthday..!!

"You are 18 today, and adult even legally.. So, grow up, and act responsible.. God Bless You !!" These were my Dad's word after he wished me "Happy Birthday.."
So, I would try to live up to his expectations.

I am 18.
It's a whole new Life, A new Beginning..

I can enjoy it thinking one more year of celebration ahead, or be sad thinking one more year towards the death.. It depends on how we look at the things.
If we had a bad day at fishing,
either we can be miserable and say "It was a bad fishing day.." OR
can just say "The fishing was good, it was the catching that was bad"..!!

So, I prefer the first one..
looking forward to one more year of celebrating the festival called LIFE..

And, I have a number of Birthday resolutions..
We all have new year resolutions...
Why not B'day then..??

My resolutions...
  1. Study hard, party harder..!!
  2. Take this blog to new heights.. (height could vary..!!)
  3. Participate more in the events of life..!!
And many more..
But, I would not mark them as resolutions but as dreams..
Dreams, which I would like to convert into goals...

Well, I start this new life of mine with some new goals, new dreams and new me.
May be it turns out good or bad..
I promise I would not lose my hope or accept my defeat.
As I know,
Life is just like a mystery novel, you don't know what's going to happen, till you turn the page...!!


  1. Saurahbh I didn't know. Happy Birthday to you!!!

  2. Cool, happy birthday to you! :)

  3. awww this is such a nice one :)
    happy birthday :)
    God bless you !!!

  4. lol belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY... w8ing fr more updates... :P :P

  5. @Nisarg, Thank you dude.. Just wish, could access your blog..!!


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