Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sucess would come eventually

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

This April, I made a post, about a society me and my friends are trying to create in our college, NIEC. And, despite all our efforts, despite whatever we do, we were not able to actually bring the society into existence. And, for all the troubles, for all the hardships I thought GOD is the reason behind it.

And, I blamed him, as could be seen in my post. But, I promised him that whatever he do, no matter how many hurdles he put in our way, but one day, we would have our society, we would bring our society into existence.

And today, after months of hard work, months of our hopes being thrashed, many a moments when we felt we would not be able to succeed, many a times when we felt it's over and we had our back at the walls, today we have achieved it. We have got the approval for our society. Today our work paid off.

15th July 2009, marks a new beginning.
And may be I was all after god, for not letting us attain what we want, but today I want to thank him.
It would have never been possible without his support.

Whenever we were on a low, he some how or other filled us with new excitement. Sometimes, by letting us come across some great quote. Or by letting us know of some person who stood again and again after falling, and reaching where no one was ever able to reach.
God, thank you.

Also, I would like to thank my friends, without their support, it would not have been possible.

For Bloggers
So, that was my experience. But what I want you to know is, despite failing many a times, at last, we were able to succeed. Similar is the case with Blogging. Though we may fail many a times, but if we keep on trying, we would succeed.
So, whatever happens, keep clinging there, may be your next post is the one that changes it all.

Persistence is the key...


  1. Great story Jimmy! My buddies and I tried to establish our own Greek Fraternity in college!

    We were going to call it Beta Beta Sigma after the first initial of our names (Ben, Ben, and Steve).

    Pretty original I know...

    Anyway it never did pan out, mostly because my buddies and I were to lazy to follow through.

    You guys were able to accomplish your dream and I commend you for that.

    Perhaps "god's" initial denial of your attempts was only to help you appreciate your successes more when they came to fruition!

    Congrats, great blog, and good luck with your future endeavors!!!


  2. very nice post!

    by the way, rebecca told me you didn't claim the price you won from the contest! Please contact her as soon as possible using the email link I embeded into the contest winner content. It's kind of urgent to make rebecca start your design as soon as possible! Hope you will read this...Thanks in advance.

  3. like Dory in Finding Nemo, jus keep swimming :-)

  4. Don't know Mr. Pest,Y m doing dis....But still,congrats......

  5. @Ben, Thank you for your encouraging words.
    Though your Greek Fraternity was not established.

    But still the name was quite innovative..

  6. @Sugandha Thanks for the comment. I saw you got a new template for your blog. It's impressive!!

  7. @Benjamin Thank you..

    And, I have already claimed the prize, but would do it again if you say so..

  8. @Dinah, Yeah, you got that right. Don't lose hope, and give your best again and again.
    The success would surely touch your feet..

  9. Loved the post. I am all geared up to start with my life again.

  10. Very nice post.
    Such incidents fill you with new enthu and help you to go for your dreams.

  11. aha..
    I was feeling quite low right now, but after reading your post I am forced to think,
    why can't I succeed.

  12. yeah, as I commented in your last post, will to succeed, is the most important.
    You yourself got an example for that...!!

    Congrats, by the way...

  13. Failure in not acceptable. It's hard to follow these words. You know that the majority of people in the world fail at what they do? I know it sounds crazy but guess what? there are amost 7 billion people in this world and it's impossible that each and everyone of us to be succesful at waht we do. The laws of life of my friend!!!

  14. @kylie thanks for the wonderful comment.

  15. @mohit Agree with you. And, the energy levels rises up like anything..!!

  16. @rahul123 You can surely succeed. And you would succeed.

    Best of luck!!

  17. @john got you sir..!!
    And, thanks..

  18. @Alfredo, Yes, the laws of life, but out of those 7 billion, I am sure few try to achieve their dreams.
    If we try, we have already increased the probability of success.


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