Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tweeting Money..!!

Early Signup

Enough of Making Money Online,
Today, I present you with a new phrase, coined by me, Tweeting Money..!!

It's not something new or unheard of.
But still, for someone who is new to twitter or new to make money online, it's all about making money while you tweet.

How does this work..??
It's similar to sponsored posts. It's just instead of some 500 words post, you would just be tweeting 140 characters..!! Which would include the ad, and which is generally CPC, cost per click, and you make money for that click.
You are also paid for just showing ads, depending on how many followers you have.

And, in this age of 'social media', it holds the potential to be one of the major source of your online income.
So, go and start Tweeting Money..!!

But, how do you aim to that..??
There are number of advertising platforms that provide you with monetizing your tweets.
There is, which is quite popular among general tweeters.

But, very soon, there is going to be a major explosion in this market as enters the Big Brother, IZEA.
IZEA with its experience of payperpost, socialspark would revolutionize this market.

They have already launched a new, better with a great user interface version of PayPerPost v4.0, and now are going to launch sponsored tweets, the place where you would be tweeting money..!!

Early Signup

The launch of sponsored tweets is eagerly awaited by the market and tweeters and it is being predicted the launch is closer than one can imagine.
It is being said about sponsored tweets that it would allow advertisers and tweeters to connect in more personal way. And, what's good is that tweeters will have a full control over what they would be tweeting. They would be able to set the right price for themselves and could even select advertisers who they want to advertise about..!!
It's not opened for advertisers yet and only twitters have been given the opportunity to sign up.
And, it is your chance to get a head start.

Some Other Updates
You would have already seen the change in URL, instead of usual,, it is Yes, it's right. Finally, I have bought the domain.
But still, there are some problems like is not being redirected to etc., which need to be rectified. It would be done very soon, and in this am being helped by a friend, Naman.

Also, due to some technical fault, my blog list is erased, so if your blog was their in my blog, please let me know, and I would be happy to add it back.
Also, I request you to change the link to my blog now from to

I SAY WHAT I FEEL, is being edited every day and new and new things are being experimented for the betterment. Many a changes are in the pipeline, and if they seems to be nice and promising, they would see the light of day very soon.

Till then, keep Tweeting Money..!!

Early Signup


  1. Hey Jammy seems like a nice deal. Though I don't know how many clicks would I get. Congrats on the domain. You need a favicon.

  2. I just register RevTweet. But, it's hard to get click. Maybe because the click is only for particular country that will be counted and I got very little followers.

  3. I've signup but it's not very ideal program to me. Btw, good to see you got your own domain name! ;)

  4. @Asswass, Thanks.. Yeah, I need a favicon, Hope that I get one soon..!!!

  5. @Fatin Yeah, the clicks from particular country are valid for some ads. It all depends on advertisers..!!

    You should try for IZEA, it seems to be better..!!

  6. @Jacob May be, not now, but you never know, in a few months time, you would be rejoicing your decision to join it..!!

  7. Alredo, I too think this as a good deal, especially because the association of IZEA..!!

  8. Hey Jammy, nice blog! keep it up.. need your help with regards to the naked domain redirection you did with your domain name. As you had mentioned in your blog that you need to redirect your domain name to I noticed that it's been redirected now. Would be thankful if you let me know what you did in the DNS settings for that. I have been trying for some of my domains, but havn't got the solution yet.

  9. hey shreejith,
    Sorry for the delay.
    Just back online.
    would tell you about it very soon.
    Could you send me your mail id..??
    I would be able to answer it on a mail in a better way.

  10. Thanks for this blog post, I will check them out later to see how they work.

  11. Hey helen,
    Go for them. They could really prove to be useful.

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    When can I find out more?

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