Saturday, August 29, 2009

I dream to be the next "Problogger"

This word brings a shine in my eyes; it makes me go over the top to complete my aims and objectives. It pushes me the extra yard required for success.

I have always dreamed about something or other and by God's grace have been able to fulfill a few of them.
As a child, I dreamed of achieving big grades, and was successful.
Once I have dreamt of enacting a play on the stage, and our play was a huge success.
And recently, I dreamed of starting a college society, and today it’s kicking and running..!!

Now I dream of being the next big thing on the 'Blogging Circuit'.
I dream to shine in 'Blogosphere'.
I dream to be the next ‘Problogger’.

You must be thinking, I have my eyes set very high, and it would be impossible for me to accomplish this dream of mine.
May be, but I believe in dreaming big.
And as said, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.” So I have nothing to fear.

But do not you worry; I would reach the moon only. And it's not that I think I am overly qualified, but because I am ready to work, and work hard for it.
Work what..??

I am ready to brush up my skills.
Be it will be networking web designing, productivity, server, security, leadership, human resource management or anything else.
I am ready to study it all.

What happened..??
Why you seem to be so confused..??
You must be wondering, where I am going to study all these things. Well, I was worried too, but then I heard of Elearning from The Personal Edition (LPE) is the place where each course required for my personal and professional development is available., the worldwide leader in on-demand workforce development and productivity recently added the new concept of Skill Score (your personal tracking and development score that determines your proficiency for skills) which helps your potential employer to evaluate you and thus giving you the opportunity to impress him and land yourself in your dream job.

LPE also provides you with a long list of Job Profiles, thus helping you to get a great job easily. It provides you with more than 30,000 courses and if you find something missing you are always welcome to create your own course and sell it through Thus it also gives you a chance to earn some extra money.

I had gone through its Career Development course, and found it to be very useful and easy to understand. I seriously recommend its courses to everyone. Its courses are reasonably priced with basic plan starting at just $3.99/month. You must give it a try.

So, we can say, it’s a new approach to higher education and technical training by launching a comprehensive new skill development platform. I have definitely benefited from it.
Now, it's your chance, go and grab it.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jammy goes missing..!!

For the past few days, the blog has not been updated..
And, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you must have noticed this is not a feature of this blog.

Then what happened..??

Well, it's a long story...!!
And, to cut it short, Jammy went missing.
Don't be so astonished, not in real life, but on the net.

For some time now, there have been a lot of mis management on my behalf. And, when college reopens now, I need to get things organized and get going. And that has been taking much of my time.
Most of the work is complete, and hopefully, I SAY WHAT I FEEL, would be on the road very soon.

While I was absent from the net, many a things came and went..
I won the Asswass and Hiburrito contest.
I joined BAF, which has been of really help.

Reviews on the contest and BAF, would be coming soon.
Till then you can visit asswass here.
Or can join BAF here.

Also, I have more or less completed with the domain change and a review on it would also be coming very soon.
And, not to forget, the next post in Making The Move series would be also coming.
Till then you can read the first three posts here..

  1. Making The Move: Blogging As a Career
  2. Making the Move: Do You have it in you..??
  3. Making the Move: Starting The Blog

I also have not been able to visit the blogs I generally do.
Don't think, that I don't like to visit your blogs, but just Jammy went missing.
Even right now, I am blogging in such a hurry, that I don't know, what am I writing..? I think, you can imagine what am I going through. So, let the wishes for, everything gonna be alright, be pouring..!!

Also, as I mentioned before, all the blogs which were in my blogroll were lost when I changed the domain name. So, if yours were there, please let me know. I would be happy to add yours back.

Just before wrapping it up,
I wanted to ask you something..
I have been playing with the idea of changing the title of the blog..
I mean, as it is referred as I SAY WHAT I FEEL to something else..
I don't know, how it struck to me, but I have been seriously thinking of doing something like that.
So, what do you suggest..? Should I go for it in the first place? And, if yes, then what should be the title..??

Please help me in this quest of mine..
I would be back very soon..!!
Till then,
you can follow my trail on twitter or on Facebook.

Till then, please search for Jammy..
If you find him, let us know either by a comment on the post or mail.
And, just pray to god, he is alright.

Jammy, Where are you..??!!!