Monday, September 28, 2009

Credit Loan $1000 Twitter Contest

Hello people,
Recently I was surfing through twitter and by sheer luck I stumbled to @creditloan profile. And from there I reached to their site and this to their blog. It was a source of some great information.

I really loved their posts. Be it Five Credit Card Facts You Should Know or Four Ways to Finance Your Small Business. It added a lot to my knowledge. So, go and follow credit loan on twitter, your ultimate resource on everything related to credit.

And now, you have more than one reason to follow @creditloan. They are having this awesome contest which can make you richer by $1000.
To enter in the contest, you just need to talk about the fact you can win $1000 Visa Giftcard just by following and retweeting this message on twitter:
"Just entered the CreditLoan Visa Giftcard Giveaway. You can win by following @creditloan and retweeting"

Here are the official contest rules.

Entering in this contest is too easy, as credit loan have integrated it with TwitThis. This would take just a minute of yours but could really reward you with great prize. I have already entered in it. You do the same. You might be the lucky winner. Also check out their blog, it's filled with useful information.

Domain & More : Domain Name

Domain name..!!
We have heard about it many a times, and even know that it's important to own one if you want to make your presence felt online.
But what it is really..??

So, here on, I am starting a series on Domain & More. This series would cover info about domain names, registering domain names, hosting services and more..!! 
Why am I doing this..??
Because, when I was trying to get a domain name for my blog, I was not knowing what to do..?? So, I thought it would be helpful to newbies around. Also, I aim to cover topics like domain transfer, 404 page, a 301 redirect and many more things.

In this first part, domain name, I would just cover basic info about these things which many already know. So, I would cover it in brief...

Domain name is basically an identity of sort based on Domain Name System (DNS). And what's DNS ? It's naming system for resources connected to a network (including internet). Domain name is quite an advanced term but in short it could be said domain names are used to indicate the ownership or control of a resource.  Domain names are also used to assign easy to remember names to some numerically addressed internet resource. And this is the use about which we are gonna discuss here.

Each internet resource have unique IP addresses in numerical terms which are very confusing. To overcome this problem domain names provides resources to be moved to different physical locations in the network. This is done by translation of IP address of resource to its assigned domain names.

So, when we type in our browser, we are directed to (the address could vary as Google has a bunch of IP addresses. It depends on which server you hit based on where you are in the world.)

Domain names can be bought from domain name registrar which is a non profit or commercial identity accredited by ICANN, internet corporation for assigned names and numbers.

There are various domain registrars available and you can easily buy a domain name. Domain names end in a top level domains (TLDs). Top level domains are the highest level of domain names on the internet. Some of the famous TLDs are .com, .net, .info, .gov, .biz. These are generally specific where they are used. For example, .biz are used for business websites, .edu for educational internet resource. 
Then there are sub domains. For example, is a domain name, and is sub domain.  

Today, trading of domain names have become a high profile business which has generated many a millionaires. Though simple domain names can be bought cheaply, there are premium domain names which would cost you great amount of money. It's because some words are highly valued. And getting such a domain name would not only create a buzz but would also help in high amount  of traffic.

So, getting your desired domain name is not an easy job. Suppose if you had bought before US presidential elections, then you would have earned yourself a fortune. That's how it is in feild of domain names.

That was a small introduction to domain names. Although here, I have skipped many significant things about it, but as I told you earlier domain is vast topic. In subsequent posts in the series, Domain & More, I would post about those things.

Till then, Happy searching for your desired domain name..!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Life quotes "Life is short, Live it"

मेरी जिंदगानी...!!
(My Life..!!)

Hey People, this return post of mine was not supposed to be related to my life or something. It was planned to be a review of my shifting to my own domain name from to It was to be a post on all the problems faced by bloggers who don't have complete knowledge of these things. It was to be a post on things related to hosting, .htaccess, favicon etc. etc. 

But it resulted to be a post on my Life. A post on what my life says. It tells about what life means to me at this moment. It is something that may turn myself nostalgic years and years ahead..!!

Life is short, Live it..!!
Yes, that's what life is saying to me right now..!!
And, how it occurred to me..??
Here's the story..

Last Saturday, my exams concluded. How did they went..?? I could just say, they were not horrible..!!
So, during one exam, I got to know about some of my friends bunked the exam just for fun. They knew the paper very well, and could have easily scored above 80%. But they chose fun instead of giving the exams. I got to know about it later. Because if earlier, may be I could have been there out them with too..!! 

So, yesterday wondering about it, I though these are the times I should enjoy the most. These are the times when I can really let go off everything and enjoy. Though this is also the time that could make or break my career. But still, these times would never return.
So I should make most of this time and enjoy max...!!

And this thought resulted in quite a few changes in my lifestyle. and, believe it or not, I am already feeling more relaxed and happy about it.
So, what all changes am talking about..??
Quite a few...
Important one's being...

  1. I, Me And Myself... Think more about yourself. I have felt, I think too much about other people. This not only leaves less time for myself but also sometimes troubles the other person. So, now it's me and only me..!!
  2. Family And Friends... Thinking about myself does not mean, am forgetting my support system..!! They would remain most important to me. And, there would always be plenty of time for them. 
  3. No More Blogging for Money..!! The Big  one..!! It does not mean, am quitting blogging, but am not going to blog to earn money. Also, it don't say that I would be removing all Ads on my blog, or would no longer be doing sponsored posts, but it says that I am not going to blog just for the sake of blogging. I don't need to indulge in social marketing if I don't want to. So, I am just going to write what I want. I SAY WHAT I FEEL.
  4. The Blogging Help You Need... Guys, though I would no longer be blogging for money, but that does not stop me from helping you. I would be sharing what ever I know. I would still be solving your queries and helping you with maintaining or creating a blog with an income stream !! You are always welcome to fill my inbox with your problems. Or you can even leave a comment here.
There are some more changes, but they are more or less covered in these 4 points. You must be wondering why I am not going to blog for money. It's because, I have felt that right now I should focus more on learning new and new things and that would not leave me with time to blog professionally. And this is something my good friend, naman advised me with sometime back, but at that time, I can't understand what he wanna say. And this also means you could see more posts on new things. May be some tutorials even..!!

And also, I want to live my life a little bit more. I want to enjoy a little more. I want to party more. I want to be myself once again. Do what I want, say what I want.
Hopefully, I would succeed in this new quest of mine. That is to be happy..!!

So, that's it for the time being...
Next post would be soon, most probably on Domain registration and stuff.
Till then, I leave you with some of the best quotes about Life..!!

Life is simple, it's just not easy..
I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day..!!
My Life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Welcome to JammySpeaks - The Blogging help you need. is a blog helping you learn more about blogging and how to make a living online with everyday tips, resources, advices and techniques for blogging.
It guides you on how to turn your blog from just any other blog to a blog someone would like to visit. My goal is to construct a bridge for you so that you can avoid the pitfalls I fell into, avoid the problems I faced and achieve your goals and your dreams.
How It All Began..
A good friend of mine introduced me to blogging. And before he was over with his lecture on blogging, I had started my own blog. At that time, I knew nothing about SEO, niche, paid blogging etc. etc. So I just blogged about anything significant in my life. It was not soon after that I got bored of it and left it. Then I took to it again and again dumped my blog because of insignificant amount of visitors. And then on one fateful day, I again took to blogging and then there was no looking back.

After blogging about many a things, from books to films, from all things tech to poems and prose and many things more I started this blog of mine. And thus, JAMMYSPEAKS came into existence with a headline, I SAY WHAT I FEEL. It too saw many a ups and downs more about which can be learnt here.

This is a blog where you can find answer to all your queries related to blogging and make money online. This is the place where you find your answer to 'How to start blogging..??' or to a problem about 'Marketing a contest..'. It could be either as simple as 'From where to buy a domain name' to as complex as 'What to write about..??'!!!
And your queries would be answered personally by the team and not by some automated script. Feel free to search for topic you want to know about and if you don't find it here, just contact us.

Why I am talking about it..??

After blogging for more than three years, though stopped in between many a times..!!, I have seen blogging industry being evolved. I have seen how it became one of the biggest employing industry in the world. Also, I have gathered some knowledge and information over the years that I think can now use to help others. And all this while, I have committed many a mistakes, which I think I could have avoided if there had been a place which could have guided the bloggers, a place which have answered my queries, a place where each and every problem, no matter ho amateur it is was approached with utter professionalism and also helped on issues like designing, branding, marketing and yes, monetization. 
And here, at, I try to such a resource for all those bloggers, who wants to make it big on the internet.

For any more queries, you can contact me at jammy [at] jammyspeaks [dot] com.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for
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