Friday, September 4, 2009


Welcome to JammySpeaks - The Blogging help you need. is a blog helping you learn more about blogging and how to make a living online with everyday tips, resources, advices and techniques for blogging.
It guides you on how to turn your blog from just any other blog to a blog someone would like to visit. My goal is to construct a bridge for you so that you can avoid the pitfalls I fell into, avoid the problems I faced and achieve your goals and your dreams.
How It All Began..
A good friend of mine introduced me to blogging. And before he was over with his lecture on blogging, I had started my own blog. At that time, I knew nothing about SEO, niche, paid blogging etc. etc. So I just blogged about anything significant in my life. It was not soon after that I got bored of it and left it. Then I took to it again and again dumped my blog because of insignificant amount of visitors. And then on one fateful day, I again took to blogging and then there was no looking back.

After blogging about many a things, from books to films, from all things tech to poems and prose and many things more I started this blog of mine. And thus, JAMMYSPEAKS came into existence with a headline, I SAY WHAT I FEEL. It too saw many a ups and downs more about which can be learnt here.

This is a blog where you can find answer to all your queries related to blogging and make money online. This is the place where you find your answer to 'How to start blogging..??' or to a problem about 'Marketing a contest..'. It could be either as simple as 'From where to buy a domain name' to as complex as 'What to write about..??'!!!
And your queries would be answered personally by the team and not by some automated script. Feel free to search for topic you want to know about and if you don't find it here, just contact us.

Why I am talking about it..??

After blogging for more than three years, though stopped in between many a times..!!, I have seen blogging industry being evolved. I have seen how it became one of the biggest employing industry in the world. Also, I have gathered some knowledge and information over the years that I think can now use to help others. And all this while, I have committed many a mistakes, which I think I could have avoided if there had been a place which could have guided the bloggers, a place which have answered my queries, a place where each and every problem, no matter ho amateur it is was approached with utter professionalism and also helped on issues like designing, branding, marketing and yes, monetization. 
And here, at, I try to such a resource for all those bloggers, who wants to make it big on the internet.

For any more queries, you can contact me at jammy [at] jammyspeaks [dot] com.