Monday, September 28, 2009

Domain & More : Domain Name

Domain name..!!
We have heard about it many a times, and even know that it's important to own one if you want to make your presence felt online.
But what it is really..??

So, here on, I am starting a series on Domain & More. This series would cover info about domain names, registering domain names, hosting services and more..!! 
Why am I doing this..??
Because, when I was trying to get a domain name for my blog, I was not knowing what to do..?? So, I thought it would be helpful to newbies around. Also, I aim to cover topics like domain transfer, 404 page, a 301 redirect and many more things.

In this first part, domain name, I would just cover basic info about these things which many already know. So, I would cover it in brief...

Domain name is basically an identity of sort based on Domain Name System (DNS). And what's DNS ? It's naming system for resources connected to a network (including internet). Domain name is quite an advanced term but in short it could be said domain names are used to indicate the ownership or control of a resource.  Domain names are also used to assign easy to remember names to some numerically addressed internet resource. And this is the use about which we are gonna discuss here.

Each internet resource have unique IP addresses in numerical terms which are very confusing. To overcome this problem domain names provides resources to be moved to different physical locations in the network. This is done by translation of IP address of resource to its assigned domain names.

So, when we type in our browser, we are directed to (the address could vary as Google has a bunch of IP addresses. It depends on which server you hit based on where you are in the world.)

Domain names can be bought from domain name registrar which is a non profit or commercial identity accredited by ICANN, internet corporation for assigned names and numbers.

There are various domain registrars available and you can easily buy a domain name. Domain names end in a top level domains (TLDs). Top level domains are the highest level of domain names on the internet. Some of the famous TLDs are .com, .net, .info, .gov, .biz. These are generally specific where they are used. For example, .biz are used for business websites, .edu for educational internet resource. 
Then there are sub domains. For example, is a domain name, and is sub domain.  

Today, trading of domain names have become a high profile business which has generated many a millionaires. Though simple domain names can be bought cheaply, there are premium domain names which would cost you great amount of money. It's because some words are highly valued. And getting such a domain name would not only create a buzz but would also help in high amount  of traffic.

So, getting your desired domain name is not an easy job. Suppose if you had bought before US presidential elections, then you would have earned yourself a fortune. That's how it is in feild of domain names.

That was a small introduction to domain names. Although here, I have skipped many significant things about it, but as I told you earlier domain is vast topic. In subsequent posts in the series, Domain & More, I would post about those things.

Till then, Happy searching for your desired domain name..!!


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  8. Very good idea Jammy, I also believe that choosing a domain is a very difficult idea. It's great that someone can help you during this decision.

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