Monday, October 26, 2009

Exams are here again..

Hey guys,
Exams are here again. Yes, you read it right, just after three weeks. But one can do nothing in this.
So, it dies not matter do I want to study or not, but I have to..
So, I would try to indulge in food and studies from tomorrow.

Wish me luck..!!

But this time, I would try to post frequently while exams are going on as they would go till 23rd of December, I suppose.
Also, I would be regularly updating my college's blog,, so you could check it out and know about my college, NIEC.

I would be always available on my twitter account. So, if you are on twitter and we are not following each other then let me know, and by the way you can follow me at

Also you can keep yourself entertained by reading the archives and some other nice blogs. I can recommend one, (Personal Blog of Hiburrito's CEO).

So, keep an eye on my next post.
And to ensure that you don't miss any, just subscribe to my feed by mail, and the posts would be delivered right to your mail box...

Till then, Sayonara..!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Domain & More : Domain Registartion

You must remember the series I started, Domain & More. Its first post can be read here, Domain & More : Domain Name. So, here is the second post in the series, Domain Registration.

This post is not done by me, but by Jessica Whittenberg. She is an awesome blogger and maintains a blog, Family Tips & Tricks.

Congratulations... You’ve decided to finally spend some time to set up your
website. Now what? Now it’s time get an address for it. This is your domain

How to choose a name ?
Please, please, please - make it meaningful!!! Make sure your domain
represents what you are doing. It is great for search engines, and great for us – your readers.
Make sure it is catchy – great names will be remembered.

How to choose an extension ?
When you choose an extension, it’s usually the best to use the extension of your country (.com in the US) or something more international (like .net). There are special extensions for special businesses (.edu for educations, .gov for government facilities .biz for businesses).

How to make sure your domain is available ?
Lately it is hard to find a short catchy domain, because many people are trying to find that ideal name. So before you are creating a whole brand around your future name make sure it is available. Go to any domain registration website (just type “domain registration” in google) and find that box where they offer you to check if it is available. It takes exactly 2 seconds.
If you find it not available, and you really want the name try a different extension.

How to choose your domain registration company ?
In the end, the price makes all the difference. So make sure you compare prices before you register. The prices are usually around 8-15$ a year. There are special offers every now and then for longer commitment and ordering a hosting program from the same company. There are websites who rate those companies – just search for them. In any case choose someone familiar, there are a lot of scams out there.

So how it goes ? 
So lets say you chose a domain name and a company. After going through there registration process, you would get a link – a DNS. This link is something you should provide to you hosting company. It takes time for the DNS to work but after a day or two your website is ready.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help !
The customer services of the domain registration company and the hosting company can be very useful if you don’t know what to do or if it doesn’t work for you for some reason. So don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Thank You Jessica for this wonderful post. I am sure JammySpeaks readers would benefit a lot from this article. Hoping for another article from you very soon...!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. Reviewer

That's the power of reviewers..!! Even the great PHB, Dilbert's boss, is afraid of  it..!!

But am not here to discuss the power of reviewers or fake reviews or anything.
Am dedicating this Columbus Day post to the reviewers in general.

I have experience of many of my articles, services, designs etc. etc. being reviewed by many a people over the years. And if I broadly classify them in two, it would be -

  1. The Tough Nut
  2. Everyone's beloved
The Tough Nut
He is the person who reviews you purely on merits. You can't expect him of partiality or bias reviews. Though he is blunt but he is not paid to be good to you. May be he don't know anything about it but would blast away your product as the master. He would not see the hard work you had put in, would not be compassionate thinking, "Poor soul, he gave it his all...", but instead would just say, " What was that..?? I didn't like anything in it. It was just awful.". He is the tough nut. Any person's nightmare. Anyone's well being is not a concern for him, he means business...

Everyone's Beloved
He is the dream of every person being reviewed. To get him as an auditor or the reviewer for his products, a professional prays all night. He is all things that , Tough Nut, is not. He understands. He is compassionate. He not only sees the final product but also the hard work that had gone into it. He is loved by all. He is respected by all. If he don't like something then he not slams the product but makes the person understands and just says, " Whenever you are done with the modifications, let me know.".

These are reviewers I have come across. And as everyone else, I too liked to be reviewed by 2nd kind. But saying this, we should not forget that we all are reviewers too. We are reviewing something or other every single moment. And should take care what we say and how we say it.

As you don't like to be criticized same is the case with person standing next to you..!!

P.S. All reviewers tend to show both type of qualities or act both as tough nut and everyone's beloved depending upon that person's personal relation with you..!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Work In Progress

Due to some busy schedule, I am not been able to update the blog. But there are quite a number of posts in the pipeline. Or should I say WORK IN PROGRESS..!!

Post coming Soon-

  1. The Great Reviewer
  2. Second in series, Domains & More
  3. The T20 Experience
  4. Another post in series, Memories & Beyond
  5. Extra..!!
I would be back soon with these posts.
Also with an update on what it is preventing me from posting frequently.

Hope You Understand..!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I know lot has been said on it ever since this gem of a concept broke out. Many a replica's were launched. And most of them failed.
But Facebook have stood the times. It has seen all and still towers above its competitors. So, what has lead to its success ? What were the factors that made it such a success.

Well many..
To start with, it had the first movers advantage. It was first of its kind. So before anyone could enter the market, it had already has a strong hold on the targeted market, us in this case..!!

Secondly, it continued to change with the times. Despite strong reaction from its members, Facebook changed its interface. That shows how much confident they are about what they do. And that shows in the results.

But here am not talking about Facebook's' strategies or success rate. But what all effect it had on people in general..!!

It has threw open few more millionaires. It has opened quite a number of opportunities for talented people. Also gave me a post to write upon !

Frankly talking it had changed a lot of things.
You can easily find people who login into their Facebook accounts before they check their mails. There are people who meet their family on Facebook only etc. etc.

It's effect on me..??
I have learnt how to play poker, and kinda addicted to it now. Made many new friends. Found sort of a place to bust my stress..!!
Also it's a place where I have managed to learn some new things. And yeah, it has decreased my presence on orkut to a bare minimum. In all, it has been a nice journey on Facebook till now. Let's see how it unfolds next..

On a serious note, Facebook has changed many a lives. It has changed how people spend time on internet. I would not be exaggerating if I say it has become the staple food of users across internet.

It has also changed the face of web 2.0. Till now it has sustained easily. But it would be interesting to see how it addresses new challenges. How it copes up with ever rising bills of hosting. It's a huge challenge. But Facebook people have a tendency to surprise. And I am eagerly awaiting for that surprise..!!