Monday, October 26, 2009

Exams are here again..

Hey guys,
Exams are here again. Yes, you read it right, just after three weeks. But one can do nothing in this.
So, it dies not matter do I want to study or not, but I have to..
So, I would try to indulge in food and studies from tomorrow.

Wish me luck..!!

But this time, I would try to post frequently while exams are going on as they would go till 23rd of December, I suppose.
Also, I would be regularly updating my college's blog,, so you could check it out and know about my college, NIEC.

I would be always available on my twitter account. So, if you are on twitter and we are not following each other then let me know, and by the way you can follow me at

Also you can keep yourself entertained by reading the archives and some other nice blogs. I can recommend one, (Personal Blog of Hiburrito's CEO).

So, keep an eye on my next post.
And to ensure that you don't miss any, just subscribe to my feed by mail, and the posts would be delivered right to your mail box...

Till then, Sayonara..!!


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