Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I know lot has been said on it ever since this gem of a concept broke out. Many a replica's were launched. And most of them failed.
But Facebook have stood the times. It has seen all and still towers above its competitors. So, what has lead to its success ? What were the factors that made it such a success.

Well many..
To start with, it had the first movers advantage. It was first of its kind. So before anyone could enter the market, it had already has a strong hold on the targeted market, us in this case..!!

Secondly, it continued to change with the times. Despite strong reaction from its members, Facebook changed its interface. That shows how much confident they are about what they do. And that shows in the results.

But here am not talking about Facebook's' strategies or success rate. But what all effect it had on people in general..!!

It has threw open few more millionaires. It has opened quite a number of opportunities for talented people. Also gave me a post to write upon !

Frankly talking it had changed a lot of things.
You can easily find people who login into their Facebook accounts before they check their mails. There are people who meet their family on Facebook only etc. etc.

It's effect on me..??
I have learnt how to play poker, and kinda addicted to it now. Made many new friends. Found sort of a place to bust my stress..!!
Also it's a place where I have managed to learn some new things. And yeah, it has decreased my presence on orkut to a bare minimum. In all, it has been a nice journey on Facebook till now. Let's see how it unfolds next..

On a serious note, Facebook has changed many a lives. It has changed how people spend time on internet. I would not be exaggerating if I say it has become the staple food of users across internet.

It has also changed the face of web 2.0. Till now it has sustained easily. But it would be interesting to see how it addresses new challenges. How it copes up with ever rising bills of hosting. It's a huge challenge. But Facebook people have a tendency to surprise. And I am eagerly awaiting for that surprise..!!


  1. I love facebook. And yes I am addicted.

  2. @Ashish
    Haha..!! May be I am too..!!

  3. I kinda became a fan of Facebook strategy..!!

  4. Seriously I agree with raman, the way facebook has planned itself, it speaks volume about it.

  5. @raman, It was great. I must say therez something we all can learn.

  6. @lovely Not only the way it has planned, but the way it has executed its plans. We heard so many stories about it but despite all it went strong..!!


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