Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. Reviewer

That's the power of reviewers..!! Even the great PHB, Dilbert's boss, is afraid of  it..!!

But am not here to discuss the power of reviewers or fake reviews or anything.
Am dedicating this Columbus Day post to the reviewers in general.

I have experience of many of my articles, services, designs etc. etc. being reviewed by many a people over the years. And if I broadly classify them in two, it would be -

  1. The Tough Nut
  2. Everyone's beloved
The Tough Nut
He is the person who reviews you purely on merits. You can't expect him of partiality or bias reviews. Though he is blunt but he is not paid to be good to you. May be he don't know anything about it but would blast away your product as the master. He would not see the hard work you had put in, would not be compassionate thinking, "Poor soul, he gave it his all...", but instead would just say, " What was that..?? I didn't like anything in it. It was just awful.". He is the tough nut. Any person's nightmare. Anyone's well being is not a concern for him, he means business...

Everyone's Beloved
He is the dream of every person being reviewed. To get him as an auditor or the reviewer for his products, a professional prays all night. He is all things that , Tough Nut, is not. He understands. He is compassionate. He not only sees the final product but also the hard work that had gone into it. He is loved by all. He is respected by all. If he don't like something then he not slams the product but makes the person understands and just says, " Whenever you are done with the modifications, let me know.".

These are reviewers I have come across. And as everyone else, I too liked to be reviewed by 2nd kind. But saying this, we should not forget that we all are reviewers too. We are reviewing something or other every single moment. And should take care what we say and how we say it.

As you don't like to be criticized same is the case with person standing next to you..!!

P.S. All reviewers tend to show both type of qualities or act both as tough nut and everyone's beloved depending upon that person's personal relation with you..!


  1. nice one....!
    hey m d everyone's beloved one :-). Did u pray fr me all nights?? hehe....
    but actually, this wz nice n vry true!
    nevr thought that much on such things...but aftr reading ur article, realised that this actually happns...
    even i post comments at many places...blurring like anything....but thats fun..!!! ;-)

  2. @Suruchi hmmm..!! Yeah fun, but u never know who takes it seriously. So its better to use the disclaimer..!!


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