Monday, November 9, 2009

Banner Advertising

Banner...! Banner..! Banner..! Everywhere, you can find some type of banner. ( I am talking in context of web only, though it applies everywhere else too.) What are these..??
We don't know. But when we click on it, a whole new world open in front of us or simply a new tab opens and we see the advertiser's website.

Physical Properties..

  1. They come in all shapes and sizes.
  2. They can be found anywhere, on top, sidebar or even popups.
  3. They are very beloved to any publisher.
  4. They can be annoying sometimes to a reader.
  5. They all end up taming the golden goose, make money online.

Why are they so Popular..??

  1. Helps in reaching to a someone new and a potential customer.
  2. Brand Building : Used extensively when trying to build a brand's value.
  3. Build Buzz : These are also used many a times to build buzz for an upcoming startup or a new venture.
Who makes them..??
  1. Many...! Professionals, Amateur, Freelancers, Small Business holders etc. etc. Why..?? For advertisers. And they get money from it. Basically they sell their services.
  2. Their prices vary from $0 to thousands...!
  3. Here, I would like to declare even I am ready to it for free..! Just to test my skills and creativity..
Buying and selling of Banner takes everyday on the net. Some do it through Specialized Advertising networks, some do it directly. But in end, its only Banner, Banner and Banner..!

So, Banner Advertising is good...! And all depends on Banner itself, I mean design. So, I take this opportunity to unveil the Banner for : I SAY WHAT I FEEL

So, How is it..?? Did you like it..?? Review it...


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