Sunday, November 29, 2009

Exam time : A New Addiction !!

As I am writing this post, exams are much more closer than I you can imagine. And what's new is my addiction..!! I would tell you about it, but before that something that has not changed, my preparation..!! I even don't know the complete syllabus till now and every day my friends startle me with all kinds of new chapters that are too coming in these upcoming dreadful examinations..!!

So, the Addiction..!

Sometime before, that is in February 2009, I made a post about exam time which talked about my addiction at that time that were movies..! You can read that post here. After that I have given many examinations and believe it or not there have been many new addictions..!! Almost everything apart from studies..!!

Sometime back it was facebook games, then it was twitter, and this time it is youtube or should i say online videos..!!
I have been watching many a videos, and thought due to lack of time or as simple as a reason, my laziness, I have not been able to update the blog frequently. So, I would post about some of the videos I have been watching lately..!!

And, today's videos are :

Really loved it and it has increased my expectations from the movie 3 idiots. Watch it and you would get to know why Aamir is called Mr. Perfectionist..!!
Talking about the journey of Mr. Aamir from Ghajini to 3 idiots, its really a nice shprt film..!! And why not it is done by professionals..!!

There is one more video I would like to share with you guys, from dame film, 3 idiots, 'Give me more Sunshine', and this mudic video exactly portrays my emotions, my life for now at least.

"भगवन, Analog निकलवा देना प्लेअसे...!! "
("God, please help me to clear Analog..!!")


  1. my condition is also tha same jammy n d last line was also good god plz mujhe ae n cns mein pass Kara dena n sometimes I think both of us r riding on tje same ride I mean our life circumstances r almost d same

  2. Yeah, bro..!!
    I think all engineering students feel the same..!!


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