Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Google eying Mobile Market too..?

First came the news of a GPhone..!
And then the android.
Then Google Voice did the round. (Still doing it..!)
Now Google is on a buying spree...!
It bought the admob and then Gizmo5. (Acc. to TechCrunch )

So, are we going to see now Google enter the mobile market and quite possibly destroy the competition..!
My guess is as good as yours. No one can be sure when we talk about Google except one thing, Success..!

Google has been the driving force behind Internet for quite some time now. And it does looks it would continue to rule the roost for quite some time too.

There has been rounds that Real Time Search would kill Google or even Facebook and Twitter could possibly be the Google killers. May be. But I don't think so.

And the reason why I think so is Google keep on revamping itself. It keeps on entering new markets as time depends. It is always developing and innovating. And why not, its GOOGLE.

So, does it mean Google is the undisputed king of web..??
No, I have not said. And there are two reasons for that.

  1. First of all, internet is expanding so fast, you never know when a startup uproots Google from its throne..! Then Microsoft and Yahoo can bring a surprise any time. Also something like Kosmix can challenge Google.
  2. But what I really think the real threat to Google is Google itself. It's aims and aspirations.
Yes, Google might be digging up a hole so big that could engulf Google itself. We have all heard about Alexander, the great. He had conquered the whole world and there was no stopping him, but his rule ended up. We had seen many great collapses, be that of USSR or that of Yahoo (Though it is said they have started their road "back to respect"..!!). 
Something like that could possibly be the end of Google rule. Though I don't see it in near future. But that's a possibility.

Till then, Google rules..!

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