Saturday, November 7, 2009

Google Page Rank, Back to 2

Hey guys,
Exams are really taking a toll on me. I am already tired after just a week of exams. And still there are a lot to come. But I have to manage them and there is no escaping from it...!

Though there have not been much to cheer about since exams started but here comes something that had really given me a reason to forget about those deadly exams and be happy or in more philosophical terms be content with myself.

I always knew that when these lengthy exams would start my blog is bound to suffer and so it has. I just checked out its Real and Alexa rank, both have taken blows. So when I saw my Google page rank was 2, I was over the top. It was really exciting to know. I am overwhelmed...!

If you would check out the archives, you would notice I had also posted earlier that my blog had got a page rank of 2. Then what is this..?? As you must know, I earlier used to blog on and few months back shifted to
And due to this change my page rank was nullified. As I had told earlier in my posts that when you change your domain name all your data gets lost..! Same was the case with me.

But now all is well and my blog is again ranked 2. So, its time to celebrate..!!
Finally, : I SAY WHAT I FEEL is looking up..!


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