Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I only Loved her...

I was always a very shy guy, never talked to anyone I don't know. I never bunked any classes, always could be found studying. I was one of those persons that you could even found me sitting alone in the class during the break with my head deeply buried into books. I never used to hang out with my friends. My friendship was only till school boundaries. I was who I was. And then it changed, not much, but at last I talked to someone I don;t know.

It was a winter morning when I first met her. Though we knew each other for a long time because of common friends, but never talked. But that day we met, we talked and I don't remember what we didn't talked about that day. But I do remember when I reached home I told myself, " Hey buddy, you met today a gem of a person. Don't ever lose her...".

But that was not to be...! We lost contact.
Now thinking nothing could be done, I let it go and moved on. Then one night, out of the blue, I received a text message saying, how are you..?? Not knowing the person, when I inquired about it, I was more than happy to know it was her. And that night we talked again and didn't stopped until morning. And when it was over, I said to me, "She's back in your life. Don't let her go this time." And I listened to me this time.

Our chats continued.. We became friends, then best friends and then something more. She was always there when I needed her, she was there when I don't require her. She was always there when I was alone, she was there when I was not alone. She was a constant companion and I was loving every bit of it. My life was finally looking up, at last I had found the true love.

It was all passing good. I was having the time of my life but God had some other plans...
It was 23rd of Jan.
It was the day when I didn't received a single call from her, not a single message. She didn't pick up my calls, she never replied to my messages. I was worried, what happened to her..? How come she is not picking up the call..?? Is she alright ?? If yes, then why not picking up the calls and if not then what happened to her..?? I waited all day but there was no call back, no reply nothing.

24th January,
When I reached school, I saw a friend of hers standing. I ran towards and asked about her whereabouts..??
She told me, she is in class and seemed really upset. I made a dash towards the class and there was her, my sweet angel sitting alone with her heads down in the class. I approached her and said a hello. But no response. I sat around her and asked, "what's the matter..??" She hugged me and started crying. I was too worried and then she asked, "Do you love me..?". Though surprised I poured my heart out and said, " You are the best thing that had ever happened to me. You are my little angel. I love you sweetheart and would do it until the end of world. I am nothing without you. You are my life. Yes, YES, I LOVE YOU.".

And then I heard roars of laughter.........!!! And entered my class. They were all laughing. It was just a prank and I was the center of attraction. The 'SHY' guy was shouting in the class, I love you..! It was the joke of their life. But it didn't matter to me. My eyes were finding my angel and then I saw her laughing with everyone else, imitating me. She laughed and laughed and I just kept staring.

And then I got to know about the complete story, it was nothing but a bet between my angel and her friend. The bet was could she make a shy boy fall in love with her. She succeeded..! She was happy. but I was devastated. I could not hold my tears back and that day I cried, cried in front of whole class. The complete day I cried.

When I got aware of my senses I asked her why..?? And she said she was enjoying it. My feelings was her fun. She never liked me. But I was not ready to believe her. For 3 whole months I kept begging her to come back but she just laughed, laughed and laughed.

Today, nearly after 3 years, I have changed a lot. Once an introvert person now wants to be everywhere. Once a coward, afraid to speak up for himself is ready to speak for anyone. Once a shy person is now tagged as a rebel. But still I can still hear her laughing along with her friends. I can still see myself crying and running. I can still feel the pain. And till today I kept asking myself, why she did this to me..?? WHY?? But no one answers. No one answers...

Everything said above is fictitious and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.



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