Friday, November 13, 2009

Terrible Feeling...

This has been quite an eventful day. Nice exam first of all, then good result. New friends made, some lost. A lot has happened today. But the end could not have been worse, doing text book programming for more than 3 hours now and don't know how much longer would it take to complete my Data Structure's practical file.
I really wanna sleep but this programming thing is keeping me awake. And believe me, it's a terrible feeling..!

Also, would like to share some thoughts that have been doing rounds in my mind lately -
  • Why does a friendship break when both of the friends don't want it to happen..?
  • Can a person can change a person so much that he/she forgets his/her individuality..??
  • Why does people hide their feelings when they know it could really hurt in the end..??
  • Is it right to lie so that someone can be happy..??
  • Does a good friendship give you the right to forget your self esteem ?
  • Do anybody have answers to these questions..??
  • If yes, would  I ever meet that person..??
So, did you get a glimpse of my over stressed mind..?!!
Well you can say that, I tend to think too much or can be relieved that you are not alone who thinks such useless things. Whatever you think or say, but if you can get me close to any of these answers, I would be really grateful.

Now is the time for me to go and complete my file and leave this obession of mine for some other time..!
So, the quest for the answers continues...

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