Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Data Structures Practical..!!

On the countdown to the main exams, i.e. semester exams by IP University, we have to give many more exams..
There are :-
  1. First internals
  2. 2nd internals
  3. 3rd internals
  4. internal practicals
  5. external practicals
Adding to all these there are innumerable number of assignments and project reports..! And you though life of a student was easy..!!

Well, nowadays my external practicals are going on,
and today was Data Structures practical.

Though by habit I was not versed very well with my syllabus but in the end it was a pleasant experience.
The external who had come was nice and my subject teacher was really co-operative. I had got a program to make programs on circular linked list and merge sort. It was something that I knew and by help of some of my friends (they had taught me the same before exam begin) I was able to crack it.

In the viva section, I was my usual self and answered all the questions..!! Though don't know what I answered was right or wrong..!! :P In all it was a nice exam and would not mine if every other practical of mine goes like this.

Now its turn of OOPS, object oriented programming. I don't know what 'S' stands for. May be just for the effect people use it..! And after that dreaded Circuit and systems and Analog Electronics.

I have my fingers crossed.

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