Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exam Update : Life goes on

These exams are creating a havoc in my life. I don't know what to say. I am just tired of it. This study is making me go nuts. More so because I along with these university's honored and learned professors know that what we have to study in colleges would help us just .01% in our life ahead.

Sometimes it just looks a waste of time. All the things that would actually help us to face the challenges of cruel world are not taught to us. Those are the things that we really wanna study. Those are the things that would actually make us more capable to face the life's challenges and would give us the strength to remain on our feet when the tsunami of troubles sweep over us. So, its a cry of help from a student who wants to study.

But you would say this is life. OK, I agree...!
Despite these dreadful exams, life goes on. I am more and more learning about myself ans believe it or not I am actually starting to like myself again..! There were bits of thing that I have like the simple pleasures of life. The happiness of a stroll around the park or a simple chat with your family. I am reliving these things and thanks to exam for these.

Also there were many birthdays this December And following the tradition a number of parties. And same is the case tomorrow, going to celebrate a friend's birthday tomorrow, Ekansh. Hoping for tomorrow to be a fun filled day and wishing I don't waste much of my time in partying and celebrating, and insert my head back into books.

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