Friday, December 4, 2009

OOPS: Object Oriented Programming & SHEWAG..!!

This is a delayed post, I wanted to post it tomorrow only.
Yesterday I gave my OOPS exam and as I mentioned in my last post that I don't know about this 'S' thing and see my luck, I was asked the same thing in the viva..! And myself despite not knowing the answer was smiling with a grin larger than my face..!!

Practical went uneventful or should I say I never get a chance to understand what's happening..?

So, the story goes like this...

I woke up late in the morning and just somehow managed to get ready in time. And then I was off to college, but how it could be so simple..? In midway, I remembered I have forgotten my practical file and thus started the dash back home. The sprint I made from metro station to my home was so good that I do believe I would have been able to beat Mr. Bolt..!! It was one heck of sprint and I was so exhausted when I reached metro back after taking my file that I felt like just falling and letting what happen to the world...!

But I was not that brave to bunk my 'external practical'. So somehow I managed the strength and headed for the college, and when I reached college practical had been started well back and my teacher had just one thing to say, "At least you should have come today on time..!". Rest of the practical was uneventful apart from that 'S' thing. I still don't know what 'S' really is in OOPS.

After practical when I reached home, the first thing I did was to switch on the television as a cricket match is going on between India and Sri Lanka, and what I saw was mind blowing. Shewag had gone berserk and was playing like he is playing against some toddlers. It was a sight and believe me one of the best test innings I have ever seen. Be it a newbie or world's most successful bowler ever, all were taking a beating from Shewag. And that was when it struck to me that Shewag playing like this is on my OOPS exam is no mere coincidence and its because this is the answer to my 'S' puzzle.

So, finally I got the answer, S stands for Shewag..!!!

Today was my external practical of analog electronics. And it went well. Though it could have been better but still it was nice and am not complaining. I would like to mention my friend 'Ruchi' here. She really helped me and made me understand a chapter of which I had no understanding. Thank You Ruchi.

So that was it, and tomorrow I had got Circuit and System practical. Let's see, what world has in store for me tomorrow..!!

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