Sunday, December 6, 2009

So, This is it...!

Today I gave my final external practical of Circuits and Systems. And this marks the end of exams that marked the run-off to the main semester examinations of IPU. And from 14th December world would tremble as we, the budding engineer would walk to give their semester exams..!!

And if I say, I am ready for it, I would just be lying..!! I don't know even what to expect. And if there is anything to go by today's exam I should not hope much. Today's exam was a bad experience. Everything was alright but viva took its toll on me. And this is one of the main reasons I am dreading more and more these  upcoming exams..!! But as someone said, Umeed par duniya kaayam hai..!! (World is existing on hope..!), that's why I would be giving it my best shot and then would hope for the best.

Coming back on today. Today apart from being just a Saturday was also a special day in my friend, Shikhar's life. On very this day, 5th Dec, 20 years back he was born. Yeah, it was his birthday today..!! And so after the exam today we went to celebrate. And it was one giant celebration. We had loads of fun. We played a lot, ate a lot and most importantly laughed a lot. There were no tensions of upcoming exams or those which have been finished, it was just sheer celebration. Happy Birthday Shikhar...!!

And when I reached home, I was in no mood of studying. So left it for sometime tomorrow..!! It's amazing naa, how you always get to make some excuse for not studying..!! So I ended up on youtube surfing videos and landed on this particular video. It's really a nice watch and makes one wonder about the decisions one has taken. Were they just easy or the correct ones.

That's the truth of life. Whenever we are face with a dilemma, we have two options, right and wrong. Though how easy wrong one looks, it would lead you deeper into the problems. On the other hand, how difficult it seems the right one would always lead you to your desired destination. It would always be the path you have to take to succeed at the end.

So, choice is yours, Easy or Right..??

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